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by: imemc.org 2007-10-26
In response to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s remarks in Amman today that Israel has recently made contacts with Hamas, Israeli defense ministry official,.....

by: Dr. Sherifa D. Zuhur. 2007-10-17
This monograph approaches three issues in contemporary Egypt: failures of governance and political development, the continued strength of Islamism, and counterterrorism. The Egyptian government forged a truce with its most troublesome Islamist militants in 1999. However, violence emerged again from new sources of Islamist militancy from 2003 into 2006. All of the previously held conclusions about the role of state strength versus movements divisions that led to the truce are now void a..

by: Liz Sly, chicagotribune.com 2007-10-16
After briefly allowing more freedom, regime has reverted to jailing, harassing its critics..

by: Raghida Dergham, huffingtonpost.com 2007-10-13
Conditions in Iraq require, at this historical juncture, a bilateral relationship with the US that takes the place of the Chapter 7 relationship between Iraq and the United Nations...

by: Sobhi Abdul Salam and Salahuddin, Al-Misriyon 2007-10-13
Sorour said:" We are currently witnessing the era of the US political foolishness now", stressing that Islamic states should close ranks and coordinate between them to confront this foolishness. He said also that Islamic countries should hold dialogues and shun disagreements and schism so that Bush does not turn to another Niron, in reference to the fifth and last Romanian emperor whose most famous crime was burning Rome in 64 AD...

by: maatlaw.org 2007-10-11
In the framework of Maat Center for Juridical and Constitutional Studies’ adoption of a project aimed at rejoining prisoners, and detainees and their families with the society- and at spreading culture of peace....

by: Cabinet press office 2007-10-8
hmed Youssef, the political adviser of Prime Minister professor Ismail Haniya, that there are authorities and official European and semiofficial parties seeking the formation of a political field to the Hamas movement in the West..

by: Political Islam 2007-10-8
Two of the Muslim Brotherhood.s leading personalities, Gamal Hishmat and .Abdel-Moneim Abu-Al-Futuh, both signaled their disagreement with the three most controversial points of the Brotherhood.s platform, pointing towards an important split within their ranks. ..

by: Jim Miles , aljazeera.com 2007-10-7
Consistent with the title, Tamimi presents a history that shows Hamas’ development from its roots within the Muslim Brotherhood, from its aspects of international cooperation and denial, .....

by: washingtoninstitute.org 2007-10-5
Widespread Islamist gains -- from Hamas’s ascension in Gaza to the Muslim Brotherhood’s successes in Egypt -- seem to have muted .....

by: Amira Howaidy, indexonline.org 2007-10-5
President Mubarak’s recent crackdown on journalists recalls Sadat’s tactics 26 years ago, writes Amira Howeidy. Then, as now, the need to prop up an ailing regime is the sole motivation ..

by: memri.org 2007-10-4
In Egypt, the President is God, and gods are never ill. That is why President Mubarak, his associates, and his hypocrite [cronies] are concealing the fact of his illness, .....

by: islam21.net 2007-10-4
In reviewing the literature which has been generated by our Web site discussion forum concerning the position of women in Islam, a number of themes have come up...

by: voanews.com, Challiss McDonough 2007-10-4
The Egyptian government is trying to head off a new wave of labor strikes that have erupted since a standoff at a key textile plant last week. Workers at a number of factories around the country have announced strikes, but their demands have been quickly met. A top labor advocate says the government is trying to stop the industrial actions from becoming a wider political crisis. VOA’s Challiss McDonough has more from Cairo...

by: speroforum.com, Robert Zelnick 2007-10-4
By invading Iraq, the US unwittingly allowed the expansion of Iran’s influence on the region. As Iran builds a bomb, and an empire, it could be poised to act with other states fo find compromise...

by: Kelly McDonald & Ian Derk*, COMOPS 2007-10-3
Policy makers in the U.S. and around the world should also consider the shape of geo-political relations in the future as Islamist groups have gained power in democratic systems and are likely to spread. American policy should consider the growth of the Islamist movement along with the stability and longevity of the Mubarak regime. Engagement with Ikwanweb.com would be consistent with the message of openness and democracy promoted in the West. The site is instrumental for decision make..

by: Will Marshall, PPI 2007-10-2
Helping Muslims build more responsive and accountable political institutions is another way to undercut the allure of jihadist insurrection. Unfortunately, Bush has set back the cause of Middle East democracy by conflating it with the Iraq war. And recent electoral gains by Islamists in Iran, Lebanon, and especially the Palestinian territories have fed fears that democracy may be spreading extremism instead of curbing it. But as Shadi Hamid of the Project on Middle East Democracy has a..

by: Freedom House 2007-10-2
The pattern of events in Egypt over the past two years indicates an effort on the part of the government not only to retreat from promised reforms, but to further impose a repressive system,” said Thomas O. Melia, deputy executive director of Freedom House. “Given Egypt ’s substantial influence on the rest of the region, the failure of President Mubarak to implement meaningful reforms in terms of its citizens’ political and civil liberties is particularly disappointing.”..

by: Mona Eltahawy, MEOL 2007-10-2
The Egyptian government appears to be cracking down on press freedom as Hosni Mubarak prepares the way for his son, Gamal, to succeed him. But concerns and complaints in other areas of Egyptian society - such as labor - are not as easily quelled, says Mona Eltahawy. ..

by: newsdesk.org 2007-9-29
While the world focuses on Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s repression of journalists and the Muslim Brotherhood party, a different sort of social unrest has boiled over at a state-owned textile mill in Mahalla el-Kubra, where tens of thousands of strikers have brought work to a costly standstill. ..

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