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Leaders from the Middle East and Asia condemned Israel’s raid on a Turkish aid ship bound for Gaza at a summit on Tuesday, calling on the Jewish state to end its “inhuman” blockade of the Palestinian territory...

by: AY?E KARABAT 2010-6-9
Egypt’s decision to open the border with Gaza at the Rafah border crossing serves to ease tension in the Middle East after a crisis in which Israel attacked a flotilla, killing nine Turkish citizens. The Rafah crossing serves passengers, but is mainly used by Palestinians and humanitarian aid shipments coordinated by the Egyptian Red Crescent...

Without doubt, Tariq Ramadan is the most talked about philosopher among European Muslim intellectuals...

Goldstone, who is Jewish and has strong ties to Israel, told reporters at UN headquarters that "to accuse me of being anti-Israel is ridiculous," anticipating such criticism. He said it was in the interest of both Israelis and Palestinians to establish the truth of what happened in the conflict...

by: Ali Bulaç 2009-5-21
Is Habib wrong? According to the Muslim Brotherhood, the stance the American administration has displayed up until now on democracy and human rights issues has not been in favor of Muslims. The strongest evidence of this is Westerners, especially Americans, are not subjected to the same oppression as Muslims. In Egypt and in other countries, when pressure is put on nongovernmental organizations that operate on Western funds and support, Western mechanisms mobilize, but when the basic r..

European socialist organizations have decided to stem the increasing Islamophobia in Europe by breaking the monopoly on the debate which has, up until now, primarily belonged to far-right and ultranationalist groups. ..

by: Todays Zaman 2007-5-21
While the European Union reform process has anchored Turkish reform and constrained the military, as popular support for EU membership in Turkey declines, the military has greater room for political maneuver, said Steven A. Cook, an expert on Arab and Turkish politics as well as US-Middle East policy...