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by: Ken Silverstein 2007-12-1
Mubarak, prodded by the United States, has dabbled in democratic change in the past couple of years, holding the first multicandidate presidential election last year that ushered him into his fifth term with a handy 88.5 percent of the vote, down several points from the more Orwellian scores he notched up in earlier plebiscites…More reforms are promised next year that would give the legislature greater oversight, adding checks and balances to a system that has long amounted to Mubarak ..

by: Ken Silverstein 2007-8-24
I wrote about the administration’s failed “democracy” initiative in the Middle East last March. I focused on Egypt, where the U.S. supports the Mubarak regime–which has ruled for decades without ever holding fair elections and routinely employs violence against its opponents–and ostracizes the Muslim Brotherhood–which renounced violence decades ago, espouses democracy, and calls for anti-corruption initiatives and political reform. In fact, the Bush Administration started backing off o..

Tamara Cofman Wittes, an expert on Middle East politics, says the unprecedented trip by Secretary of State Rice and Secretary of Defense Gates to the Middle East is meant to assure moderate Arab states that the United States will remain a force in the region even after it leaves Iraq. “The core message here to the Arab states and Iran: The United States is going to remain the core guarantor of security and stability in the Gulf,” she says...