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The Arab Organisation for Human Rights in Syria revealed the arrest of Tal Dawser al-Mallouhi a young Arab girl whose only crime was her love for her country...

Despite Syria's constitution which bans torture, detainees still face torture and sometimes death as investigations reveal...

An informed source of the Syrian Human Rights Committee (SHRC) has reported, with much distress, that there has been absolutely no news of Nizar Rastnawi in Sednaya Military Prison, and that he may have indeed been killed during the painful events of Sednaya Prison which took place in Summer 2008...

European Parliament resolution of 17 September 2009 on Syria: the case of Muhannad al-Hassani..

The Syrian Human Rights Committee (SHRC) has learnt that the Syrian Authorities have released Maryam Kallis (36 years) and Zahour Ahmed (28 years), ..

The Syrian Human Rights Committee (SHRC) has learnt from a close source that the citizen Mahmoud Khalaf al-Nasir was arrested in October 2008. The minibus in which he works was also seized by the State Security Intelligence, and he was immediately driven to Damascus. Since then, nobody knows the place of his detention, and nobody has heard of his news or been able to visit him. ..

The Syrian Human Rights Committee (SHRC) has called upon the Syrian Authorities to release the human rights activist Nizar Rastanawi following the end of his prison sentence of four years. SHRC considers his detainment as a blatant breach of law, particularly as he was supposed to be released on 18/4/2009. The security authorities however, have ignored this despite the repeated calls for his release. ..

The Syrian Human Rights Committee (SHRC) calls upon the concerned legal authorities in Lebanon not to deport five Syrian citizens it has detained to Syria, as this will without doubt expose them to torture, forced disappearance and extreme exceptional sentences, which may also lead to their death in Syrian Prisons. the Syrian citizens concerned in this case include Bara Mohammed Fouad, Moaz Abdelghani Shousha, Mohammed Al-Wafaei s/o Abderrazzak, Mohammed Ahmed Qoja, and Tareq Nasser s..

The Syrian Human Rights Committee (SHRC) has learnt from a friend of the youth Mohammed Yaser Aswad, who lives in Jordan, that he suddenly disappeared from his place of work under vague circumstances on 28th March 2009. Two days following his appearance, 30th March 2009, it was known that he was in the city of Aleppo (north Syria)...

In its eight annual report, the Syrian Human Rights Committee (SHRC) monitored a state of regression in human rights in Syria, outlining that the period which the report covers, January to December 2008, “witnessed unprecedented abuses of human rights in Syria, regressing to the levels that were the norm in the mid - 1980s of the last century”. During the previous year, Supreme State Security Courts were held in camera from July onwards. The world was no longer able to keep track of th..

The Syrian Human Rights Committee (SHRC) has condemned the killing of the Human Rights activist Sami Ma’touq and his friend by the Syrian intelligence elements on Tuesday 14/10/2008 whilst they were in front of his home in al-Mushrifah Village on the Syrian-..

The Syrian Human Rights Committee condemned the unfair sentence issued on Sunday 10/05/2008 by the exceptional Supreme State Security Court against the detained youth Tariq Omar Biasi...

The exceptional Supreme State Security Court in Damascus issued on Monday 5/5/2008 two unjust sentences on two Islamic citizens:..

The Syrian regime began 2008 with its ongoing targeting of the Damascus Declaration members. The Syrian Intelligence corpses threatened and menaced several members of the General Secretariat, and giving them no time, arrested the activist in the communist labour party and former detainee (from 1987 until 2001) Rashid al-Sattoof, from his home in the city of al-Rakka in the north east, although he did not attend the meeting in early December 2007...

The Seventh Report on Human Rights Status in Syria covers ‎the period from the beginning of June 2006 to the end of 2007. ‎The report was due to be published on 27th of June 2007, ‎however the Syrian Human Rights Committee (SHRC) decided ‎that its annual report be issued in January of every year ‎instead.‎..

An informed source in the city of Hama has reported that the citizen Abdul-Raouf Zeno (65 years) was arrested in March 2007 by the Military Intelligence authorities without any given reason...