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Skepticism is often used to validate conspiracy theories by discrediting mainstream beliefs...

by: Mohammad Yaghi 2008-5-3
From the time of the Cold War policy of propping up dictators to the current failing democratization efforts, U.S. meddling in the Middle East has nearly always produced harmful results...

by: Hanaa M. Ebeid 2008-5-3
Despite its benevolent facade, U.S. security and strategic interests are the drivers for USAID funding disbursement rather than the needs of receiving countries...

by: Sobhi ‘Asila 2008-5-3
Regardless of the massive public relations campaign implemented on behalf of the United States post Sept. 11, 2001, America is still perceived negatively throughout the Arab world...

Khalil al-Anani’s "Brotherhood Bloggers" offers a glimpse into the new generation of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood youth, who have begun to use the medium of blogging, not only to promote Islamist ideas and values, but also to criticize the current Brotherhood leadership and voice dissent over certain Brotherhood policies. As al-Anani explains, this emerging trend threatens the very makeup of the Muslim Brotherhood unless its leadership addresses and engages these Brotherhood bloggers. ..

by: KHALIL AL-ANANI 2007-12-1
“THERE IS NO CHANCE OF COMMUNICATING with any U.S. administration so long as the United States maintains its long-standing view of Islam as a real danger, a view that puts the United States in the same boat as the Zionist enemy...

by: HUSSAM TAMAM 2007-10-4
THE BLENDING OF PROSELYTIZING WITH POLITICS comprises one of the foremost dilemmas facing Islamist movements throughout the world...

It was no surprise that in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks questions regarding the U.S.-Arab relationship abruptly surfaced, most notably with the ubiquitous question, “Why do they hate us?”..

by: Radwan Ziadah 2007-9-3
The events of Sept. 11, 2001, made Islam a domestic concern in the West. After having viewed it as only a foreign, religious source of agitation, the West now views Islam as a source of political and military threats...