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by: Yasir Abu Hilala 2009-6-8
Egypt is in need of a thousand Amr Khaleds to combat poverty, backwardness, injustice, and extremism, but it has become fed up with Khaled. In fact, for Egypt, moderate models of Islam are more dangerous than violent ones since there is neither any justification nor external support to fight them. On the one hand, Western governments seek the help of moderate evangelists like Amr Khaled to fight violent trends in Western Muslim communities. On the other hand, in the Arab world, the ..

Jordan’s Muslim Brotherhood (MB) has managed to overcome the organizational troubles that continued for the last two years and is about to safely pass through the most difficult juncture throughout the history of the group within the country. Though trying to belittle the size of these differences, MB leaders realize the strong impact on all the MB; leaders and members, due to the recent crisis...

by: Mohammed Abu Roman 2008-8-4
There are many official indications of the Jordanian government’s rapprochement with the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and Hamas. The first sign has been represented by the meeting held between the Head of the Intelligence and Hamas MPs and leaders. ..