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ALEXANDRIA, Egypt — The two undercover police officers seemed unfazed by the bystanders, who watched as the officers beat a 28-year-old man in the lobby of a building here last month, one witness said...

by: RANNIE AMIRI 2009-11-7
It is always amusing to see how authoritarian regimes endow themselves with the trappings of democracy – a party, parliament, “elections” – as if they somehow confer legitimacy to otherwise undemocratic governance...

Head of the UN Fact Finding Mission Justice Richard Goldstone presented the report of the Mission to the Human Rights Council in Geneva on 29 September 2009, urging the Council and the international community as a whole to put an end to impunity for violations of international law in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory...

by: Claude Salhani 2008-7-20
MADRID -- One of the by-products of the three-day interfaith dialogue conference held in Madrid earlier this week at the initiative of Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah is what some observers describe as four conflicting schools of thought: the optimists, who believe that eventually everything will fall in order; the pessimists, who like the cartoon character Chicken Little, believe that the sky is falling; and wishful thinkers – among this category one can include Saudi Arabia – who believ..

by: JOSEPH MAYTON 2008-4-17
The Muslim Brotherhood is facing its most difficult test in recent times after a controversial ruling by a military court in Egypt on Wednesday sentenced 25 of its leading members to prison sentences. ..

by: ARIEL COHEN 2007-12-21
In the United States, 2008 is a year of choices, with the presidential election campaign likely to further polarize the electorate. Luckily, the two contenders will emerge by late spring due to early primaries. The United States is unlikely to focus on foreign policy until at least 2009, when key appointments in the next administration start coming through. Nevertheless, Middle East topics will be drive US security and economic concerns next year -- ready or not...

by: Hussein Ibish 2007-9-25
there is no need for supporters of Palestine to become partisans of Fatah. However, important choices need to be made, and there are serious consequences to words and deeds. ..