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by: By Yolande Knell 2010-9-11
One of Egypt's leading opposition figures, Mohamed ElBaradei, once joked with me that he was like Teflon, easily able to resist any jibes or criticism thrown at him...

by: Muhammad Shokry 2010-9-6
The website defines Ikhwanophobes - another term it coined - as those who believe Muslim Brotherhood members are religious fanatics, violent towards non-Muslims, and contemptuous of values such as equality, tolerance and democracy...

The chief rabbi of a West Bank settlement has prohibited women from standing in a local community election...

Mohamed ElBaradei, emerging as a contender to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, tells BBC Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen he will only consider standing for office if the constitution is changed...

by: Yolande Knell 2010-2-10
Mr Badie is a 66-year-old veterinary pathology professor. His election by the Brotherhood's Executive bureau is widely thought to mark a return to conservatism and a possible pullback from politics..

Thirteen senior members of the Islamist opposition movement in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood, have been detained...

by: Christian Fraser 2009-10-31
Their president, Hosni Mubarak, has been in power for 28 years and has no designated successor. But at the age of 81, Mr Mubarak is widely believed to be grooming his son, Gamal, a banker by training, to inherit the "Throne of Egypt"...

by: Clark Boyd, The World, WGBH Boston 2009-6-18
Within a given country, the make-up of the blogging cluster turned out to be quite varied. The Egyptian cluster, for example, "is characterized by secular reformist bloggers" on one hand, and yet also "by members of the Muslim Brotherhood, a group that is technically illegal in Egypt but whose online presence appears to be tolerated."..

US President Barack Obama has told the BBC he believes his country can help to get serious Middle East peace negotiations back on track...

Police in Egypt have been deployed in large numbers to prevent a national strike by pro-democracy activists..

by: Christian Fraser 2008-11-5
In Cairo’s industrial suburbs, workers at Magdi Tolba’s clothing factory turn out 40,000 garments a day, mostly destined for well-known stores in the west. ..

The image of the US around the world has sharply deteriorated since the start of the war in Iraq, but the latest Pew Global Attitudes survey found that people in a number of countries believe US foreign policy will change for the better after the presidential election. ..


Excerpt from interview with President of the National Rally for Reform and Development in Mauritania Jamil Ould Mansour by Abdallah al-Rashidi...

Ex-US President Jimmy Carter has said Israel has at least 150 atomic weapons in its arsenal. ..

by: Bill Law 2008-5-2
Khirat al-Shater, second in command of the Muslim Brotherhood, has just been sentenced by a military tribunal to seven years in jail for belonging to a banned organisation and giving funds to the brotherhood...

by: Aleem Maqbool 2008-4-17
For years, the spirit of those living here has taken a pounding, not only from the frequent Israeli military attacks but also by fighting between the various Palestinian factions here...

Funerals are taking place for people who were killed in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday, most of them civilians...

by: Frances Harrison 2008-4-11
A prominent Egyptian cleric has created controversy by issuing a fatwa that says tiny amounts of alcohol are permissible in Islam...

A heavy police presence helped ensure that a general strike went largely unheeded across Egypt on Sunday. Organisers wanted to protest against the soaring cost of food - and the restriction of opposition candidates in local elections on Tuesday. ..

by: Yolande Knell 2008-4-8
It is not easy to find the headquarters of Egypt’s largest opposition movement. The unremarkable building overlooking the Nile in Manial in central Cairo has no sign. ..

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