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Tue109 2018

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The Prosecutor-General Chancellor Abdel Magid Mahmoud decided to detain the three suspects of killing six Copts and one Muslim soldier last Wednesday...

Meanwhile, Dr. Essam El-Erian, the syndicate’s treasurer affirmed to “Al-Mesryoon” newspaper that the syndicate had sent a letter to the Attorney General Abdel Meguid Mahmoud demanding the release of Dr. Abdel Moneim Abul Fotouh and Secretary-General of the relief committee of Arab Doctors’ Union. There is no way they will contemplate leaving Egypt. They are important figures who love their country and are loved by all and will not leave under any circumstances regardless of their cha..

by: Dr. Amr Abdul Karim 2009-5-19
The Islamic Constitutional Movement (ICM) was the biggest loser in 2009 elections. ICM’s election seat loss was expected by many Kuwaiti observers. The movement whose number of MPs dropped from 6 MPs in 2006 Assembly to three in 2008 Assembly was expected to lose more after the suspicions triggered around some Ministry of Petroleum’s projects involved a key figure in the movement and after the government cancelled some deals and then after the movement joined the chorus of grilling the..

by: Mahmoud Sultan 2009-5-12
According to Allison, Obama isn’t moving in a vacuum but rather within a system controlling all institutions possessing organized forces. Therefore, he doesn’t look at forces whose relative weights don’t encourage him to venture in with his system. Probably, the only organized force enjoying unmatched wide and popular support in Egypt is the Sufist force comprising of 15 million Egyptians who owe obedience to it. This may explain America’s unprecedented concern with Sufis in Egypt. ..

by: Gamal As’ad Abdul Malak 2008-8-7
Bishop Thomas controversial lecture at Hudson Institute on the status of Copts in Egypt is still bearing its negative results. ..

by: Mahmoud Sultan 2007-12-21
Journalists reveal, nearly everyday, reported meetings between officials in Western embassies to Cairo and Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leaders. ..

Dr. Mohammad Habib, Deputy Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood group, denied information circulating about disagreements among the group’s leaders over the program of the party..

by: Al Mesryoon 2006-6-17
In an interview with Al Mesreyoun online daily, Director of Ibn Khaldoun Center for Development Studies Dr. Saad Eddin Ibrahim dismissed repots that the US has given the Egyptian regime a green light to proceed with the scenario of power succession, affirming that Washington did not accept the idea...