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IT IS not easy to be an Arab these days. If you are old, the place where you live is likely to have changed so much that little seems friendly and familiar. If you are young, years of rote learning in dreary state schools did not prepare you well for this new world...

Indonesia has some worrying radicals but it seems to be following Turkey, with Islamists moderating as they get closer to power IS INDONESIA, the most populous Muslim-majority country, undergoing creeping Islamisation? It is not hard to assemble enough recent evidence to give Western Islamophobes goosebumps. ..

“TURKEY sets a fantastic example for nations around the world to see where it’s possible to have a democracy coexist with a great religion like Islam.” Those were George Bush’s words of welcome, this week, to Turkey’s President Abdullah Gul...

by: S?O PAULO 2007-12-1
protesters from many parts of the United States poured into the small town of Jena, Louisiana, to express their anger over the over-zealous prosecution (as they saw it) of six young African-Americans on charges of assault. Mobile-phone text messages played an important role in pulling in the crowd...

IT’S that time of year again. No, not Halloween. Egypt’s ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) is about to convene its annual conference. It’s hard to figure out why the party (such as it is) even goes through the motions. There aren’t too many Egyptians who take the three day confab very seriously...