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by: Raymond Deane 2010-7-13
Hamas -- a noun meaning "zeal," and an acronym for the "Islamic Resistance Movement" -- is a word that inspires a tremor of anxiety in most westerners...

by: Robin Yassin-Kassab 2010-3-4
"From afar," writes Ramzy Baroud, "Gaza's reality, like that of all of Palestine, is often presented without cohesion, without proper context; accounts of real life in Gaza are marred with tired assumptions and misrepresentations that deprive the depicted humans of their names, identities and very dignity."..

by: Muhammad Idrees Ahmad 2009-10-20
Few academics attain the kind of status that Juan Cole enjoys today. Cole's award-winning blog Informed Comment is a necessary daily stop for any serious student of the Middle East; experts frequently defer to his authority...

by: Ali Abunimah 2009-10-11
Just when it seemed that the Ramallah Palestinian Authority (PA) and its leader Mahmoud Abbas could not sink any lower in their complicity with Israel's occupation of the West Bank and the murderous blockade of Gaza, Ramallah has dealt a further stunning blow to the Palestinian people...

by: Omar Barghouti 2009-10-6
Palestinian civil society has strongly and almost unanimously condemned the Palestinian Authority's decision to delay action regarding the UN Fact-Finding Mission's report, headed by justice Richard Goldstone, which investigated the recent Israeli war of aggression against Palestinians in the occupied Gaza Strip..

by: Saree Makdisi 2009-10-6
Palestinians and others are still absorbing and thinking through the implications of the Palestinian Authority's decision to withdraw its support for the Goldstone report on Israel's assault on Gaza last winter...

Yesterday, 2 October 2009, the Palestinian leadership -- under heavy international pressure lead by the United States -- deferred the draft proposal at the Human Rights Council endorsing all the recommendations of the UN Fact Finding Mission (the Goldstone Report)...

by: Maymanah Farhat 2009-10-6
With a number of English-language publications on Arab art surfacing in recent years, there has been an apparent attempt to counter the Western-centric scholarship of art historical discourse...

by: Richard Falk 2009-9-23
In substantive respects the Goldstone report adds nothing new. Its main contribution is to confirm widely reported and analyzed Israeli military practices during the Gaza war...

by: Nada Elia 2009-9-23
The history of the Palestinian struggle for self-determination, independence and human rights is sadly one of missed opportunities...

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported today that last wednesday the Israeli "cabinet authorized the prime minister, the defense minister, and the foreign minister to determine the timing and the method" of Israel’s attacks on Gaza. Everywhere people ask, what did Livni tell the Egyptians and more importantly what did they tell her? Did Israel get a green light to turn Gaza’s streets red once again? Few are ready to give Egypt the benefit of the doubt after it has helped Israel besiege..

The moment I heard the news of your son’s death, I found myself speaking aloud to him. "Ya Ahmed, please give my regards and my love to Abir. Your two pure souls will meet in paradise. Go in peace, beloved, do not fear for you are not alone -- there are others there waiting for you. Ready to greet you are more than one thousand Palestinian children who have been killed since the year 2000. And though I hope with all my heart, Ahmed, that you will be the last victim of these legitimized..

by: Adam Morrow and Khaled Moussa al-Omrani 2008-5-25
On his trip to the region this week, US President George W. Bush dismayed even his staunchest Arab allies by expressing unprecedented levels of US support for Israel...

As a Palestinian human rights organization dedicated to the promotion and protection of human rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT), Al-Haq is compelled yet again to raise the specter of Israel’s continuing disregard for the customary international humanitarian law principles of distinction and proportionality..

The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) strongly condemns the distention of three Palestinian journalists and a columnist by the Palestinian General Intelligence Service (GIS) in Bethlehem and Qalqilya towns in the West Bank on Thursday, 8 May 2008. PCHR believes that such arrests constitute an attack on press freedoms and the right to freedom of expression, which are ensured by the Palestinian Basic Law and international human rights instruments...

by: Mona Alami 2008-5-11
At least 11 people are dead and 30 injured during ferocious gun battles pitting opposition Shia Amal and Hizballah fighters against members of the Sunni Future Movement, which is part of the majority March 14 alliance in government...

This week on Crossing the Line: Haaretz recently reported that Egypt and Israel have agreed in principle that Egypt will assume responsibility for supplying electricity to the Gaza Strip’s 1.4 million residents. But will Israel, who had previously supplied Gaza with most of its electricity, allow for this to continue in the context of their ongoing siege on Gaza? Host Naji Ali speaks with Dr. Eyad al-Sarraj, founder and director of the Gaza Community Mental Health Programme about the o..

For families in the Gaza Strip with sons or daughters in Israeli jails, the past 11 months have been especially hard, as they could no longer visit their imprisoned relatives and have only had contact through brief written messages...

by: Hannah Mermelstein 2008-4-24
On 20 March 1941, Yosef Weitz of the Jewish National Fund wrote: "The complete evacuation of the country from its other inhabitants and handing it over to the Jewish people is the answer."..

by: Rumy Hasan 2008-4-22
Following a motion passed at the inaugural Congress of the University and College Union (UCU) in the UK last May, a tour of British universities by Palestinian trade union academics was authorized. Its aim is to raise awareness among UCU members of the extraordinary difficulties of maintaining tertiary education under Israel’s military occupation. After much delay, this tour began on 21 April where four members of the PFUUPE, the union of university and professional educators in Palest..

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