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by: Jack Shenker 2009-9-5
Speculation that Egypt's ageing leader could be about to step down and pass power to his son are dominating the Arab press. But although the drama is providing new openings for Egyptian journalists, the underlying politics of presidential succession remain depressingly familiar...

by: JOSEPH MAYTON 2009-7-24
I hope Obama will bring people together and by talking with the Brotherhood he would be able to win the hearts of many people in this part of the world,” Ayyash said in a previous interview before his Turkey trip. He argued that the mistrust created by the Bush administration’s response to the September 11 attacks has run deep, but through a concerted effort, it is possible “to move forward on creating the means for both Muslims and America to work together to end the violence on both ..

by: Ismail Alexandrani 2009-5-5
Young Egyptian activists like Salma Mahmoud are hoping the Muslim Brotherhood’s support of a May 4 "stay-in-home" protest against the Egyptian government will translate into numbers. "The Brotherhood’s pledge will definitely give people more support," she told one source..

by: MENASSAT STAFF 2009-4-10
Activists from various political groups and social movements demonstrated throughout Egypt on Monday (April 6) - highlighting what they say are failed economic and social policies of President Hosni Mubarak. The rallies, dubbed the "The Day of Anger in Egypt," were called by the April 6 Movement, a group of young activists that formed after rallies over soaring prices and stalled wages resulted in a violent police crackdown on protests held in the Nile Delta city of Mahalla el Kubra in..

by: Alexandra Sandels 2008-11-17
It is not often that MENASSAT gives a platform to those who call Egyptian bloggers ungrateful backstabbers who should thank God for the freedom President Hosni Mubarak has granted them. But the interview that Swedish radio, together with MENASSAT, recently conducted with Osama Saraya, editor in chief of Egypt’s leading government-owned daily, Al Ahram, offers a unique glimpse into the mindset of a dictatorship that sees itself as society’s only defense against Islamic radicalism. Saray..

CAIRO, Sept 12, 2008 (AFP) - A court sentenced an Egyptian newspaper editor to one year in jail on Wednesday for having published his paper without a permit from the press council, the state-run MENA news agency reported...

BEIRUT, September 11, 2008 (MENASSAT)- The bloggers who have temporarily set up shop in the U.S. include award-winning Wael Abbas of Egyptian Awareness, Sandmonkey, and EgyDiva among others. ..

recent surge of social activism among Egyptians has alerted the government to a networking force that has thus far eluded their control: Facebook. Since the 6 April general strike, rumor has it that the social networking website has been front and center on the Egyptian authorities’ radar as they mull over the possibility of a block. ..

The Egyptian government this week denied banning British journalist John Bradley’s newest book, which is highly critical of the Egyptian government. Bradley’s publisher maintains the book was banned. MENASSAT’s Amira Al-Tahhawi spoke with the author to get his take on the controversy. ..

More than thirty people including several media workers were arrested and many claim to have been assaulted by Egypt’s security forces outside a Cairo military tribunal where high-ranking members of the Muslim Brotherhood were sentenced on Tuesday. ..

NEW YORK, July 18, 2008 (HRW/IFEX) – Egypt should immediately release six men who have been detained for more than 90 days without charge since their arrests following a workers strike and street protests in Mahalla al-Kobra in April, Human Rights Watch said today...

by: SARAH MERSCH 2008-5-23
Finding that the Egyptian press seldom provided independent sources of information or reported issues of interest to young people, a group of young journalists in Cairo decided to start their own radio station. Qantara’s Sarah Mersch reports from Egypt..

by: John Ehab 2008-3-18
Numerous members of the banned group the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and independent journalists took to the stairs of the Journalists Syndicate in downtown Cairo on Sunday afternoon to protest against alleged attempts by Egyptian police to arrest Abdel Gelil Sharnoubi, Editor of the MB’s official English-language website Ikhwanweb...

...the Internet has become not only a clearinghouse for Koranic text, but also for religious guidance and even fatwas (religious edicts). This new, global online Islam has been propagated by countless websites maintained by sheikhs, religious scholars and even laymen. ..

by: Hani Mihanny 2008-1-11
Satellite TV has created something of a media revolution in Egypt. With some help from the blogosphere, the ordinary citizens and their concerns have suddenly become a market. ..

by: John Ehab 2008-1-13
A new Coptic channel started broadcasting in Egypt last week. Some say CTV addresses a strong need in the Coptic community to have their own media; others fear it only fuels the current trend towards a more religion-based society. ..

by: Esra’a Al Shafei 2008-1-13
Esra’a Al Shafei, director of the Mideast Youth website and the Free Kareem campaign, argues that the Internet has provided Arab activists with the means to bring about real change in the region. ..

by: John Ehab 2008-1-13
A dispute over the Muslim Brotherhood’s website has led some to believe that a power struggle is going on inside the Islamic group. But caution is warranted; there has been no real change in the group’s ideology since it was founded in the 1920’s...

by: Yolla Ahmed 2008-1-13
Next week will see the resumption of the trial against Ibrahim Issa, editor in chief of the Egyptian daily Al-Dustour. Issa’s case is part of a ruthless crackdown on Egypt’s independent press. ..

On YouTube, a U.S. soldier reacts to the Huckabee-Ron Paul debate on Iraq. WATCH THIS!..

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