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People often wind up believing their own cover story. Former British prime minister Tony Blair, for example, is trapped forever in the rationalizations he used in 2003 to explain why he was going along with George Bush’s invasion of Iraq...

by: Hatem Ete 2010-10-19
Turkish politics is currently undergoing a heated political debate on the constitutional reform package (supported by Prime Minister Erdogan's ruling party), which is on its way to a referendum this Sunday...

Wellknown Egytptian-American intelelctual Dr. Fathi Osman died for congestive heart failure on Saturday at his home in Montrose...

by: Azmi Bishara 2010-8-20
There is something in the Arab public space that hampers an objective discussion of Turkey's increasing political involvement in the region, its remarkable stances in favour of Arab causes, and an overall performance record that merits more than just praise...

by: Roger Cohen 2010-8-7
The Dogans were a quiet family little noticed by their neighbors here in upstate New York. Ahmet Dogan had come to the area from Turkey to study accounting at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute...

by: Ali Bulaç 2010-3-3
We can say that after surviving this last nationalist trauma, we have experienced with the Kurdish issue, we may move toward regional integration in line with the spirit of the times...

The beginning of discussion regarding women in the Islamic world in the form of "Were there women in Islamic history" as a claim and counter-claim falls at a time when we were experiencing defeats from the West and when we were doubtful about ourselves...

by: Philip Giraldi 2010-3-1
In the wake of 9/11, almost anything the US government did was accepted uncritically by the public. The Patriot Act was quickly passed, abridging the freedoms that Americans had enjoyed for more than two hundred years with barely a whimper from Congress and the media..

Egypt's main opposition group, the Muslim Brotherhood, has settled an internal dispute over its leadership, the group's leader announced Monday...

After breakfast, I read Gideon Rachman's often revealing blog on the Financial Times website. Today there was some very good news. Ahmed Rashid, a leading adviser to the US hawks on Afghanistan, is depressed...

Jeff Gates analyses Israel's network of relations in the region on the article titled, "What is Israel's Role in the Destabilization of Pakistan?"...

by: AL? BULAC 2009-11-25
Most probably, for the first time man, in reliance with the thoughts of the Enlightenment and modernity that is based on its fundamental assumptions, has assumed the inherent right to interfere with religion...

A group of young members within Egypt's opposition Muslim Brotherhood on Tuesday postponed an online reform debate, exposing a rift with elders determined to avoid open confrontation with the state...

by: Ali Bulaç 2009-11-10
The discussion of whether religion influences politics or vice versa has been a controversial issue. It is hard to draw a conclusion that can apply to every religion. No generalization is applicable to all major religions...

A U.S. federal appeals court on Friday reversed a lower court ruling that had upheld the U.S. government’s barring Swiss Muslim scholar Tariq Ramadan from entering the United States...

by: Joseph Mackertich 2009-7-18
China’s Xinjiang province was rocked by riots over the weekend which resulted in the deaths of more than 140 people - the country’s worst violence since the Tiananmen Square incident 20 years ago. The tragedy comes as no surprise to anybody familiar with Chinese society. The only surprise should be that it does not happen more often...

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood will avoid confrontation over attempts to install President Hosni Mubarak’s son as president because it fears a crackdown by the authorities could destroy the Islamic group. ..

by: Uri Avnery 2009-5-23
Like a young bull he stormed into the arena. A deluge of new ideas in every direction, a tsunami of practical initiatives, some of which have already begun to be implemented. Clearly he had been thinking about them for a long time and intended to put them into practice from his first moment in office. He put his team together long ago, and his people started to act even before his triumphal entrance to the White House. During the first days he appointed the ministers, most of whom he h..

He was so encouraged by the response to An Other Cup that he decided to do another album. "It was really fantastic to return to doing what I do best - communication and writing and speaking from my heart - rather than having people interpret or misread or dilute what I’m saying. I can go straight through the record to reach people." ..

by: Akif Emre 2009-5-23
Obama’s Turkey trip was loaded with high political and truly symbolic messages. The message of "Americans would never fight Islam" on the basis of Turkey, has been interpreted as the beginning of a new era. Hand extended to Turkey was expected to be understood as if the extended hand of friendship to the Middle East and Islamic world also. ..

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