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by: Tarek Amr 2010-8-29
Are they insane to let Eyad Nassar plays Hassan El Banna's role in a series attacking Al-Ikhwan? Is the one responsible for the casting a member of Al-Ikhwan himself? Now all the girls will fall in love with Hassan El Banna, and tomorrow morning all of them will go to join Al-Ikhwan...

by: Hamid Tehrani 2009-7-4
With journalists prohibited from doing their work and a world audience thirsty for information from Iran, citizen media has often become a primary source of information. Unfortunately, the true identity and reliability of twitter users was not always known, and we saw instances where the lines of fact and fiction blurred - just as they may have in the presidential election results themselves...

It is normal for a State Security officer to tell lies, but when the Public Prosecution believes this lie and approves to imprison a young blogger for exploitation of the democratic climate, this is black comedy, what democracy did this young man exploit ..

by: Noha Atef 2009-4-9
At noon today, while Egyptian bloggers were in their jobs, or browsing the Internet, a Twitter message reached those following prominent blogger Wael Abbas, which read: ..

by: Noha Atef 2009-4-9
Although he was released by the Public Prosecutor, Egyptian blogger Abdel Rahman Fares (25 ) is still missing. Fares who blogs at Lesani Howa Qalami (My Tongue is My Pen) was arrested on April 5, while handing out flyers in his city of Fayoum, calling people to take to the streets and protest against the government, as a part of the “6th April strike”. ..

by: Amira Al Hussaini 2009-3-31
Jordanian blogger Rami Abdelrahman has blogged about a closely guarded secret about his government’s involvement in the war on Afghanistan - and is getting unwelcome attention from the intelligence service..

by: Lasto Adri 2009-2-26
The 21st of February 1946 marks a shameful memory in the modern Egyptian history. On that day, hundreds of students demonstrating on the movable Abbas Bridge were either shot dead or drowned in the Nile, after British officials ordered to open fire, before finally deciding to open the bridge...

by: Marwa Rakha 2009-2-3
Egyptian blogger, Zeinobia wrote a series of posts about bloggers and journalists who are either behind bars, sued, or fined...

by: Amira Al Hussaini 2008-5-17
Egyptian bloggers, cyberactivists and activists on the ground continue to pay the price for speaking up against the rising cost of living and calling for higher wages and a better life...

by: Sami Ben Gharbia 2008-5-2

After little less than a month following the April 6 strike in support of the textile workers in Mahalla City, during which a number of prominent Egyptian bloggers and internet activists were arrested, preparations for the next round of a planned general strike to mark the 80th birthday of President Hosni Mubarak, on May 4, 2008, are currently spreading all over the blogosphere and the Internet. And like the preparation for the April 6 strike, the internet has a vital role to play in mobilizing for the upcoming protest...

by: Sami Ben Gharbia 2007-9-5
(1) France-based video sharing site Dailymotion has been blocked, again, in Tunisia. (2) Egyptian blogger Abdel Monem Mahmoud, who has been released in June 2007 is facing detention threats. (3) In China people who are using China Telecom are unable to access FeedBurner feeds. (4) And Thailand lifted its ban on YouTube but Veoh and MetaCafe still blocked...

by: Sami Ben Gharbia 2007-5-4
Ikhwanweb expresses its full solidarity with journalist Howaida Taha who is currently facing a prison sentence because she exposed the scandalous tortures exercised against Egyptian citizens in police stations...

by: Sami Ben Gharbia 2007-5-4
As I promised in my last article “Online Freedom for All: Some cases worth supporting”, I’m publishing here the translation of the interview..

In my last article, “Lessons from the Free Kareem campaign”, I talked about campaigning and why some jailed and persecuted bloggers and online writers are winning sympathy, while others have difficulty attracting the attention of the public. I also discussed the logic behind the success or the failure of campaigning, and made a comparison with the Tunisian cyber-activism case...