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by: Henry Smith 2010-3-3
The return of Mohamed ElBaradei, the former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, has increased speculation that he will challenge Mubarak in the 2011 presidential elections...

by: Jack Shenker 2010-1-26
Anyone who rejects the premise that Egypt is as unstable as Iran is urged to take a look at the spine-tingling photos and videos of demonstrations against Mubarak in Mahalla back in April 2008, including the iconic image of hundreds of angry Egyptians bearing down with their feet on a flattened poster of the president...

by: Ken Livingstone 2009-9-17
Yet, for too many people, Hamas as an organisation remains opaque. What they know about it is derived from a hostile media; it has no face. Most would probably think its leader is some disturbed Osama Bin Laden figure. In fact, al-Qaeda's supporters in Gaza are so hostile to Hamas that they have declared war on it...

by: William Dalrymple 2008-1-16
Two years ago, on 14 October 2005, a major religious riot between Christians and Muslims broke out in the backstreets of Alexandria. An angry mob spilled out of a mosque during Ramadan and began attacking the large Coptic church of Mar Girgis - St George - on the other side of the road...

by: Martin Bright 2007-10-11
So it was Jack Straw who counselled against an early election? Martin Bright reports on a politician who, after the event, always seems to be in the right..

by: Jonathan Spollen 2007-10-4
Ibrahim Eissa, editor of Egyptian opposition newspaper al-Dustour, was due in court on 1 October for "defaming" President Hosni Mubarak. Eissa regularly talked of Mubarak’s failing health in his columns, and even ran such stories on al-Dustour’s front page. ..

by: Elijah Zarwan 2007-4-23
Human Rights Watch’s Elijah Zarwan relates the story of Abd al-Monim Mahmud - an Egyptian journalist and blogger arrested last week. ..