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Despite struggles, Brotherhood searching for new leader
by: Joseph Mayton 2009-10-22
Most analysts are hopeful that Akef’s successor will continue the strong hostility toward Al Qaeda style jihad activities and a commitment to the political process, which the Brotherhood has already shown capable of participating...

Protests against police officer who tortured mentally disabled man in Alexandria
by: Mohamed Abdel Salam 2009-10-18
People shouted slogans such as “No to police brutality” and “Torture is a crime” as citizens chanted calls against the regime and the ruling National Democratic Party...

Action against Israeli settlement produce in London
by: Fil Kaler 2009-10-18
Last week around 40 activists descended upon the popular British supermarket chain Sainsbury’s in Cromwell Street, West London..

Baradei for president?
by: Mohamed Abdel Salam 2009-10-18
Members of Egypt’s opposition al-Wafd Party renewed their calls for Dr. Mohamed el-Baradei, the current head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to join the supreme body of the party in order to be nominated for the country’s 2011 presidential elections...

AUC promoting Hep C awareness
According to a press statement issued by the student campaign, HCV infection rates in Egypt are extremely high. They stated that some 10 million people are effected, which was part of the reason for launching the new campaign...

Pro-Gamal supporters taking action
by: Mohamed Abdel Salam 2009-10-18
Gamal Mubarak is not and has never been a member of the Egyptian military, unlike his father and previous three Egyptian presidents...

Egypt’s spinsters and society
Many in the government, including Gendi, have pointed to this increasing trend of men and women remaining single as a “main concern” as the country moves forward...

Egypt’s opposition unites against common foe
by: oseph Mayton 2009-10-18
Inside the party headquarters, it was a media frenzy. When leading opposition figure and former al-Ghad chief Ayman Nour went to the podium to inaugurate the conference, microphone upon microphone was shoved in his face, creating the semblance that something big was happening...

Brotherhood to have appeal of military tribunal
In a surprising development, Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood will get their time in court to appeal against military tribunals that saw leading Deputy Khairat el-Shater and17 other members of the banned Islamic group sentenced to 7-years in prison in 2008...

Deception, Spin and Lies
by: Gilad Atzmon 2009-10-17
Less than a week after Ankara cancelled an air exercise with Israel, Turkey’s state-sponsored channel TRT1 broadcast "Ayrilik" * ("Farewell"), a new prime-time TV show that depicts the true image of Israel’s genocidal military operation in Gaza last January...

New Age Orientalism
by: Joseph Mayton 2009-10-12
This is a new Middle East. It is one that is now home to the irreverent study abroad American who has chosen Cairo, Amman or Beirut as the new location for the semester of partying, replacing Paris and London...

Egypt: The police state
by: Baher Ibrahim 2009-10-12
Looking at the main gate of the Alexandria University medical campus at eight in the morning, it looks as if it were a queue at airport security...

It’s not about Niqab, it’s about credibility
by: Dalia Ziada 2009-10-12
Hoda Ramzy, another student, was expelled from Al-Azhar Institute in Shoubra, today, for merely wearing a niqab...

Don’t mess with Palestine
The Egyptian government continued its crackdown on individuals who protest in support of Palestinians on Saturday...

Calls for prisoners’ release
The Muslim Brotherhood and a number of domestic human rights groups have called for the release of a number of popular Brotherhood leaders after the interior ministry continues to refuse court orders for their release...

What Arabs think of Obama’s Peace Prize
Obama won the award based on his alleged international efforts to forge a new world community that is not hindered by stereotypes and other remnants of the Bush administration’s antagonism globally...

Per Bjorklund: dealing with exile
“Welcome to my exile.” With those words trade union activist Mohammed al-Attar greeted me when I went to see him in Alexandria a few months ago...

Doctors, Brotherhood and ongoing struggle
Aboul Fotouh, the Secretary-General of the Arab Doctors Union, has been in government detention since late June, and is being charged with attempting to create a “global network of extremism” involving the banned Muslim Brotherhood group. He is also a member of the opposition group’s Guidance Bureau...

Religious and Corrupt
by: Baher Ibrahim 2009-10-9
Anyone who has visited Egypt knows the deeply religious nature of its people. Whether you have lived here for years or just stopped by to see the usual touristy stuff, one cannot deny the fact that the people of Egypt are becoming increasingly conservative...

What to do about Egypt’s sexual harassment problem
Egypt struggles mightily with sexual harassment. Nearly 100 percent of all foreigners have experienced some form of sexual harassment in the country, while Egyptian women are reporting they are catching up quite rapidly...

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