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by: By Alaa Al-Aswany 2010-2-18
Dr Elbaradei has suddenly appeared on the political scene in Egypt with his demand for democratic reform, winning the admiration and respect of Egyptians...

by: Alaa Al-Aswany 2009-12-17
On October 27 I was on a visit to Switzerland and in this column I wrote from there a first article about the battle over minarets...

For years I worked in the same clinic as a Coptic dentist and we quickly become friends. He was a good man, honest in his work and in his dealings with people, but like many Egyptians he was completely detached from public affairs and was not aware of most political events...

The caliph Omar ibn al-Khattab chose Egypt to have the honour of making the kiswa or covering for the Kaaba in Mecca. and every year it was sewn out of Egyptian cloth of a unique kind made in Fayoum and known as Qibati...

Laurence is a French woman, a physiotherapist who had the chance to work in Egypt and was overjoyed because, like most French people, she loved Egyptian civilization and dreamed of seeing the Nile, the pyramids and the Pharaonic temples...