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In the early hours of 8 July 2013, 51 Muslim Brotherhood supporters camped outside the Republican Guards' club in Cairo were killed by security forces. The Egyptian military claimed the demonstrators had attempted to break into the building with the aid of armed motorcyclists...

By voting, millions of Egyptians are accomplishing one of the revolution's basic aims – the building of a democratic system...

by: Salwa Ismail 2011-6-22
In their peaceful uprising young people have found art, comedy and music to be weapons Assad fears...

by: Ali al-Bayanouni 2011-4-19
In an interview with the Wall Street Journal in January, Syria's president, Bashar al-Assad, said that his main objective was to address his people's "closed-mindedness". He made it clear that this alone impeded reform, and it might be another generation before Syria is ready for real change...

by: Mohammad Mursi 2011-2-9
All we in the Muslim Brotherhood want is for President Mubarak to go and real democracy to prevail..

Egyptians wishing to stand in the general election on 28 November must file an application by Sunday, the interior ministry said last week...

by: IAN Black 2010-10-16
No one is holding their breath about the outcome of Egypt's parliamentary elections, which are certain to leave President Hosni Mubarak and his National Democratic Party in charge...