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by: Michael Slackman 2009-2-12
For more than four straight days, Philip Rizk said, he was blindfolded, handcuffed and interrogated around the clock by Egyptian state security agents who abducted him on Friday after he took part in a march in support of Gaza...

by: Daniel Williams 2008-10-30
Abdel Moneim Mahmoud once organized student elections, collected donations and educated chicken breeders about the dangers of bird flu as an operative for the Muslim Brotherhood. That all ended after he criticized Egypt’s controversial Islamic political group on his blog, Ana-Ikhwan (I Am Brotherhood)...

by: Noam Cohen 2008-7-21
ALEXANDRIA, Egypt: Take it with a grain of salt, or many grains of sand, if you want, when the young volunteers say that every one of the 60 or 70 people helping to put on Wikipedia’s annual convention here (called Wikimania) is active on Facebook...

by: Oxford Analytica 2008-5-25
President George Bush yesterday characterised "negotiation with terrorists and radicals" as "appeasement" during a speech to the Israeli Knesset. Despite Bush’s reluctance, the debate over whether and how to engage in dialogue with armed Islamist groups is raging within both Middle Eastern and Western capitals...

by: STEVEN ERLANGER 2008-5-22
Britain’s Enoch Powell made his famous "rivers of blood" speech warning about the social effects of immigration upon his land. Despite some serious riots along the way, Powell’s warning never came to pass. But today the chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, Trevor Phillips, is warning of "the emergence of a kind of cold war in some parts of the country where very separate communities live side by side ... with poor communications across racial lines."..

Egypt’s president appealed to the world Sunday to work with poor countries struggling with high food and fuel prices that have battered their economies...

by: David Stout 2008-4-26
The government of Iran continues to supply weapons and other support to extremists in Iraq, despite repeated promises to the contrary, and is increasingly complicit in the death of U.S. soldiers, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said Friday in a stark new assessment of Iranian influence. ..

Egypt’s powerful Muslim Brotherhood opposition group urged supporters Monday to boycott municipal elections this week after a government crackdown on its outlawed members...

Egypt arrested 34 members of the Muslim Brotherhood Friday, including a top decision maker, continuing the government’s crackdown against the country’s most powerful opposition group ahead of this month’s municipal elections...

Hundreds of members of the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s most powerful opposition group, staged demonstrations across northern Egypt on Tuesday, accusing the government of preventing them from participating in upcoming municipal elections, security officials and the organization said. ..

Only 60 out of 10,000 members of Egypt’s opposition Muslim Brotherhood have been allowed to register their candidacies for April’s local council elections due to government interference and 700 have been arrested since registration began, said one of the movement’s lawmakers Monday...

Egyptian police arrested 35 members and sympathizers of the opposition Muslim Brotherhood organization as they tried to attend the trial Sunday of some members of the movement, a police official said...

by: Tariq Ramadan 2007-12-20
In her opinion page article on Dec. 8, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the former Dutch legislator and author of "Infidel," accused the so-called "moderate" Muslims of remaining silent instead of condemning acts done in the name of Islam by individuals or governments...

Egypt’s military tribunal on Sunday dropped charges of terrorism and money laundering against 40 senior members of Muslim Brotherhood arrested a year ago, judicial officials and the group’s lawyer said...

by: Mark LeVine and Salman Ahmed 2007-12-11
The reunion of Led Zeppelin is among the most anticipated in rock history. And with good reason. In the 1970s, the British band was mesmerizing...

A prominent Muslim Brotherhood leader standing trial in a military court here on Monday decried the proceedings against him and 39 other senior members of the banned opposition group as an "ongoing farce."..

Two police officers are under investigation after two teenagers alleged that the officers ordered other prisoners to rape them at a police station, prosecution officials said Wednesday..

Egypt’s ruling party changed its bylaws Saturday in a move many think further paves the way for President Hosni Mubarak’s son to legally succeed him...

The Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s powerful opposition movement, has laid down its first detailed political platform, which would bar women and Christians from becoming president .....

by: Daniel Williams 2007-5-30
The Sanna Sharq theater company in Egypt draws crowds to its political plays flavored with sharp anti-American rhetoric. ..