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by: (Al Masryeon) 2005-12-6

Anna Condemns Irregularities Marred the Egyptian polls
By Salah Bedawy  
Diplomatic sources voiced concern about U.N. General Secretary’s statements, in which he called on the Egyptian government to allow voters giving ballots. Anna’s releases seem to internationalize the contraventions which scarred the parliamentary vote; a step that may make the vote results as internationall..

by: (Al Masryeon) 2006-1-21
The Muslim Brotherhood’s Member of Parliament (MP), Akram el-Share, intends to table an oral question to the Prime Minister and the Agriculture Minister concerning the government favor for businessmen regarding Toshky Project. In spite the reclamation of a feddan costs 18.000 pounds, the government puts it for sale at the price of 50 pounds...

by: (Al Masryeon) 2006-1-26
The Muslim Brotherhood responded to the news releases of Gamal Mubark, the Secretary General of the Politics Committee of the ruling National Democratic Party. In his statement to Rose el-Yusseif, Mubark called on halting the Muslim Brotherhood’s engagement in the political domain...

by: (Al Masryeon) 2006-1-29

For the first time, the government admitted, in an official account submitted to the parliament, torturing accused and imprisoned convicts. Hassan Hamdy, a Muslim Brotherhood’s MP, tabled a question in the parliament about torture incidents, citing Mos’ad Qotb of the Brotherhood who died under brutal torture in a jail of the State Security. Nevertheless, the perpetrators of this inhuman action ..

by: (Al Masryeon) 2006-1-30
The security authorities of al-Arish City set five of the Muslim Brotherhood’s members and supporters free after being detained in the course of the outgoing parliamentary polls. A week age, twenty of the group’s detainees have been released. Thus, all arrested Brotherhood of al-Arish have been freed. The five released detainees are: Adel Fo’ad Qatmesh, Faozy Muhssen el-Shorbagy, Adnan Muhammad, M..

by: (Al Masryeon) 2006-2-7
After being detained for 18 hours under severe conditions, George Galway, the British member of the parliament, refused to enter Egypt. He branded the Egyptian government ’undemocratic’ and ’police-run.’
The British Respect Party, headed by Galway, labeled the authorities approach ’outrageous.’ Galway was denied access to Egypt. He, in addition, was detained for a day without bei..

by: (Al Masryeon) 2006-2-20
Sources of the Muslim Brotherhood expected the regime to step up security oppression against the group, on the wake of its opposition of the decision to postpone municipal elections and linking it to the plot of power inheritance. The indications can be seen in the arrest of Hassen el-Hayawan of the Brotherhood who was referred to the Higher Court of the Stat Security. Few days ago, security force..