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by: (Ikhwan web) 2005-11-25

The Egyptian Judges Union Declares Heshmat Winner

In the light of the testimony bore by judge, Noha el-Zainy, the Egyptian Judges Union issued a decisive statement announcing that an investigation has been conducted with the judiciary members who have monitored the voting count process in Bandar Damanhore constituency, during the ongoing Egyptian polls. The inquiry showed that Jamal Hes..

by: (Ikhwan web) 2005-11-26

The beating up of the judges and children were seriously injured by police firing rubber bullets
In a very serious and unprecedented incident of its kind, the police forces have assaulted and beaten up the both of Chancellor Mohamed Shareef Taher, the president of the Court of Appeal and a deputy president to the Electoral Committee and Chancellor Shadi Al-Mahdi, the Deputy to the Attorney G..

by: (Ikhwan web) 2005-11-26

The Security Intelligence Police-Mabaheth- Have Carried an Assult on a Nursery

In Etai Al-Barood Constituency an unspeakable crime and an utterly deplorable human right violation incident took place this morning when both of Hesham Mohammed Abdol-Haleam Al-Serafi accompanied by his brother Hosam Mohammed Abdol Haleam Al-Serafi, an Intelligence Police-Mabaheth- officer in Sharm Al-Sh..

by: (Ikhwan web) 2005-11-26

Election News Coverage

Al Dekhiylah Constituency:
The police have arrested 8 MB members in front of the Orobah School in Al-Wardiyan while they were trying to reach to the polling station to cast their votes.
The police are tightening their cordons around all polling station to prevent electorates from casting their votes.
Ghorbaal Constituency:
A Travell..

by: (Ikhwan web) 2005-11-26

Judges Think to Abolish Run-off
In Garbel constituency, the supervisory judges of the polling stations appealed to the president of the general election commission complaining from Muhammad Faroq, an officer, who created disorder in the polling centers. He closed the poll of Bahathat el-Badia School and besieged the area preventing voters, passers-by, and candidates from passing ac..

by: (Ikhwan web) 2005-11-27

An NGO’s Report Detected Run-offs’ Contraventions

By Yasser Hady
In its first report, the Egyptian Association for Social Participation Rise observed infringements committed during Saturday’s run-offs of the ongoing parliamentary polls. The most remarkable violations were the denial of access to voters and monitors of human right organizations besides the detentions of a la..

by: (Ikhwan web) 2005-11-27

Phase Report (1) 

Swasiyyah: An Eye on General  Elections 2005

Sabotage of the Elections Process and Prevention of Voters

A new policy has been followed by the security forces with regards to the independent candidates, especially those who belong to the Muslim Brotherhood, in the re-runs of the second round of elections that started on Sa..

by: (Ikhwan web) 2005-12-1

Finally, Youssef Wally the late minister of agriculture who is known by “the chemist’, finally fall. The constituency of Abboshay in Fayoum in which the vice of the national party is having his repeat election witnessed conflicts between the head of the sub-committee and many of the chancellors who refused to let the supporters of Wally enter with the stolen ballet –box as their votes were forg..

by: (Ikhwan web) 2005-12-1

In Talkha constituency, of el-Daqhlia governorate, a supervisory judge threatens to call off voting if voters were not allowed to give ballots. On the other hand, clashes were erupted between the barred voters and policemen. Tear gas canisters were lobbed to put riot down. In addition, reporters of the news channels, of el-Hora and el-Arabia, were not allowed to cover these troubled instances. ..

by: (Ikhwan web) 2005-12-1

Voting Process in Dametta
At 10 am, thugs hired by the National Democratic Party attacked monitors of human right organizations, in el-Saila constituency.
In el-Zarqa constituency, the Brotherhood’s representatives were not admitted to polling stations. The NDP voters are only allowed to cast vote. In Abu Galal area, microbuses packed with thugs are ready to head for ..

by: (Ikhwan web) 2005-12-1

Daqhlia: Judges are Assaulted, Polling Boxes are Burnt
Backed by security officers, a group of thugs bodily attacked three judges in Belqas constituency; Khaled Abdel Aziz, Hany Mokhtar and Ahmed Abdel Aziz.  The assaulted judges affirmed that policemen witnessed the thuggery instances but gave the cold shoulders to them. Accordingly, the three judges lodged complaints against..

by: (Ikhwan web) 2005-12-1

El-Daqhlia’s vote Inflames

In Bandar el-Mansora, more than thirty thugs, who are equipped with
and machetes, attack electorate and Brotherhood’s supporters under the
watchful eye of police. Moreover, polling stations are completely
off. Two Brotherhood’s supporters were abducted. None but the
representatives of the National Democratic Party’s candid..

by: (Ikhwan web) 2005-12-1

El-Sharqia: Circulated Ballots Reappear

In el-Sharqia governorate, a Brotherhood stronghold, the so-called
circulated ballot, that is a marked ballot given to a voter to be cast
to bring the blank one out and so on, reappears in the third round of
polls. It is already used in the first constituency.

In Mashtol constituency, the beginning of vote was delayed t..

by: (Ikhwan web) 2005-12-1

Detentions in Kafr el-Sheikh

On the polling day of the ongoing parliamentary polls, seven
representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidates were detained.
Polling stations are blocked, in addition. Voters, furthermore, are
out. Female thugs are present outside polling centers to harass female
voters. This situation recurs in all voting districts of the

by: (Ikhwan web) 2005-12-1

In el-Daqhlia: Polling Stations are Cordoned

On the polling day of the third round, police cordon polling centers
Bandar el-Mansora constituency, lifting it when the National
Party voters show up.

Thugs, equipped with swords and machetes, prepare themselves to
clashes with the supporters of the Brotherhood outside the polling

by: (Ikhwan web) 2005-12-1

Polls end in Sohag

In Bandar Sohag constituency, police hindered voting process under the
pretext of having order among voters. Two female Brotherhood’s backers
detained, in addition. The representatives of the Brotherhood’s
were denied access to polling centers. The voting process was
slowed down. The polling station no 157 vote was ..

by: (Ikhwan web) 2005-12-1

El-Mansoura Seems to Be a Reminiscent of Damanhore
The preliminary results of el-Mansora vote show the two Muslim Brotherhood’s nominees, Hany Ali and Saber Zaher, sweepingly leading. However, the outcome did not come out yet. While supervisory judges left the voting count commission, security forces were deploying surrounding it. In other words, the same scene of Damanhore’s voting results ..

by: (Ikhwan web) 2005-12-2

New NDP Scandal
The same ugly scenario of fraud repeats again in el-Mansurah. The two MB nominees Dr. Yosry Hany and Saber Zaher get the highest votes, but the security forces com, surround the constituency, grab the two winners out, beat them and finally announce the two others NDP candidates to be the winners. Dr Yosry and Saber got more than eleven thousand votes each, while the (chosen o..

by: (Ikhwan web) 2005-12-5
The Muslim Brotherhood’s Leader, Muhammad Akef, emphasized that the group does not aim to defeat the ruling National Democratic Party, it only seeks cooperative efforts to attain long-desired comprehensive progress of Egypt. In his press release for Landon-based Asharq Alawsat and the Hungarian HBG Newspapers, Akef said the Brotherhood’s major wins in the ongoing parliamentary elections confirm the Egyptians’ trust in our electoral slogan ’Islam is the solution’...

by: (Ikhwan web) 2005-12-5

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