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by: (PIC) 2006-1-15

The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, prominent political leader and candidate in the upcoming legislative elections Dr. Mahmoud Al-Zahhar has reiterated his Movement’s stand that it wasn’t presenting itself as an alternative to a certain party per se, but rather works to realize genuine political partnership in the decision-making policy in the Palestinian arena.

Zahhar, who was spea..

by: (PIC) 2006-2-3

More than 5,000 Muslims in Indonesia, the most populous Muslim country, participated in the rally organized by the influential KISPA (the Indonesian committee for solidarity with Palestine) bloc that groups more than 13 Indonesian organizations supporting the Palestinian issue in the heart of the capital, Jakarta.

The massive gatherings hailed the recent crushing victory obtained by the..

by: (PIC) 2006-2-3

 Commenting on news reports circulated by media that the PA chief, Mahmoud Abbas, was laying conditions on the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, before authorizing it to form the new government, Sami Abu Zuhri, spokesman of Hamas in the Gaza Strip, on Wednesday asserted that both Abbas and the Egyptian government had affirmed their full respect to the PLC election’s outcome as well as it..

by: (PIC) 2006-2-3

 The Palestinian MP-elect Dr. Mariam Saleh of the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, affirmed that her Movement will never resort to coercion in presenting its Islamic views and opinions to the Palestinian people, and would resort to objective dialogue instead.

Saleh assurances retorted to circulated rumors that Hamas will forcibly impose the Islamic law on the Palestinian street ..

by: (PIC) 2006-2-3

The heads of Churches in the Holy Land have congratulated the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, on its resounding victory in last week’s legislative elections.

The Churches issued a joined statement, commending the Palestinian people on their “democratic spirit” and the success of organizing the elections.

The statement said Christian Church leaders in Jerusalem an..

by: (PIC) 2006-4-8

The PA premier, Ismail Haneyya, on Friday urged the Palestinian people to consolidate ranks and be ready to face the next challenges with a united front amidst the tremendous pressures the international community imposing on the Palestinian people to force it bows to their demands.

"There will no compromises as we shall rely totally on Allah the Almighty; thus, I’ am calling on all our ..

by: (PIC) 2007-2-19

Israeli archeologist Meir Ben Doff has revealed that the Israeli occupation authority discovered a mosque at the Magharba gate three years ago and removed it without announcing the discovery.

He told Hebrew daily Yedioth Ahronoth published on Sunday that Muslims would be angered on hearing of the news especially when they had affirmed more than once that a mosque did exist in that area...

by: (PIC) 2007-2-20

Ghazi Hamad, the PA government spokesman, has affirmed that the new national unity government would never pose as obstacle before PA chief Mahmoud Abbas’ political moves.

He urged the USA, in an interview with the BBC on Sunday morning, to change its policy towards Palestinian developments.

Hamad said that the PLO recognized Israel and is committed to agreements signed with it b..