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by: AFP 2010-9-5
Mohamed ElBaradei, the former UN nuclear chief turned Egyptian reformer, accused the government of publishing pictures of his daughter in a swimsuit and at events with alcohol in reply to his bid for democracy, a newspaper reported on Saturday...

by: AFP 2005-10-10

Brotherhood students push for free polls 

Some 3,000 members of the Muslim Brotherhood movement protesting with their wrists symbolically chained at the campus of Cairo University yesterday.
CAIRO: Some 3,000 Islamists students staged a demonstration at Cairo University yesterday to press for increased freedom on campus and free and fair union elections next month.


by: AFP 2005-10-13

’We reject inheritance rule’

Nadia Abou El-Magd

Cairo - Egypt’s largest Islamic group criticised the possibility that President Hosni Mubarak may one day hand power to his son, saying on Wednesday it would "fight" any bid to enshrine hereditary rule into this country’s laws.

The fiery comments by Muslim Brotherhood supreme leader, Mohammed Mahdi Akef, came during a spe..

by: AFP 2005-11-7

Egypt ordered to give poll monitors unfettered access
CAIRO - A Cairo court ruled on Sunday that human rights and civic groups should be given unfettered access to monitor this month’s parliamentary elections after several filed suit against the electoral commission last week.

The court acknowledged “the right for civic organizations to monitor the vote inside and outside polling..

by: AFP 2005-11-7

Egypt detains Muslim Brotherhood candidate

Egyptian police have arrested and detained a member of the Muslim Brotherhood running for a seat in next week’s parliamentary elections, interior ministry and Brotherhood sources said.

Issam Mokhtar became the first candidate from the banned but usually tolerated Islamist group to be detained since campaigning for the November 9 polls ..

by: AFP 2005-11-9

In Egypt’s elections, symbols are more than symbolic

VOTE GRABBERS: With the illiteracy rate at around 50 percent, many people select their candidates from the logos on the ballot -- which range from umbrellas to tanks


Opposition leader and former presidential challenger Ayman Nour, right, who is running for re-election to parliament, holds his h..

by: AFP 2005-11-10

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood seizes increased freedom ahead of polls 
Islamist party shows political savvy as it campaigns to win support of poor
By Agence France Presse (AFP)

Election countdown

CAIRO: Under a pragmatically all-encompassing religious slogan - "Islam is the solution" - Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood has demonstrated consummate political savv..

by: AFP 2005-11-10

Limited irregularities reported in Egypt poll

Cairo - Local groups monitoring the first round of Egypt’s parliamentary elections Wednesday pointed to irregularities in the polling process but stressed their scope was limited.

Opposition representatives were much more virulent in their denunciation of what they described as widespread fraud by the ruling National Democratic Part..

by: AFP 2005-11-12

Egypt vote results yield few surprises
Alain Navarro

CAIRO --  Results for the first round of Egypt’s parliamentary elections produced few surprises on Thursday, with President Hosni Mubarak’s ruling party firmly in control despite an apparent surge by the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood.

Ayman Nour, who had emerged as the veteran leader’s main rival in the September preside..

by: AFP 2005-11-15

Egyptians return to polls in run-offsPublished

Doha Time
CAIRO: Egyptians prepared to vote in run-offs yesterday after the first round of parliamentary elections saw Hosni Mubarak’s ruling party confirm its grip on power and the Muslim Brotherhood gain political momentum.

In the first round of the three electoral phases which was held on November 9, heavyweights fr..

by: AFP 2006-3-9

A recent wave of arrests of members of the Muslim Brotherhood party by Egyptian security officers reflect a shift in strategy towards the outlawed Egyptian group. More than 20 members of the Muslim Brotherhood have been arrested over the past week in a new overt crackdown against them.

 "This is a new phenomenon," said Ayman Abu Al Ghani, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood who was..

by: AFP 2006-5-10

The son of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak denied accusations from the opposition that the regime was not delivering on his father’s promises of reform.

"I say this is not true," said Gamal Mubarak, who heads the ruling National Democratic Party’s policies committee.

"We have an agenda for reform. We are achieving things," he told reporters at a rare news conference he called t..

by: AFP 2006-10-14

Hassan Al-Banna, who founded Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, has left a lasting ideological legacy, but the movement today bears many differences to the one founded in 1928.

On Saturday, members of what is the largest opposition movement in Egypt mark the centenary of Banna’s birth in the Nile Delta village of Mahmudiya.

“Hassan al-Banna is the father of an authentic Islamic phi..

by: AFP 2007-5-27

Egyptian authorities agreed yesterday to license a political party led by a prominent defector from the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) of President Hosni Mubarak.

The party affairs committee of the upper house of parliament, which grants legal recognition to political parties, approved an application from a group of politicians who call themselves the Democratic Front.