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by: Abu Aardvark, Abuaardvark Blog 2007-3-13

The premiere issue of the journal Arab Media and Society has just been released - with all content available free online.   Arab Media and Society succeeds Transnational Broadcasting Studies, which had carved out a ..

by: Abu Aardvark, Abuaardvark Blog 2007-3-16

Ala al-Din Abd al-Monem, head of the Parliamentary Front to Resist the Constitutional Changes (in Egypt), is on al-Jazeera right now saying that the opposition has decided to boycott the Parliamentary session on changes to the Constitution being rammed through by Mubarak’s National Democratic Party.  The opposition has already announced plans to boycott the Constitutional referendum planne..

by: Abu Aardvark, Abuaardvark Blog 2007-3-21

In five days Egypt is scheduled to hold a national referendum on changes to its Constitution.  Even veteran Egyptian opposition figures, well versed in the regime’s authoritarian ways, have expressed shock at the choice of March 26 for the referendum.  This is a travesty,..

by: Abu Aardvark, Abuaardvark Blog 2007-3-22

In response to the anti-democratic, deeply authoritarian Constitutional changes unfolding in Egypt, State Department spokesman

by: Abu Aardvark, Abuaardvark Blog 2007-3-25
After a weeklong campaign to focus attention on this Monday’s Egyptian constitutional referendum, ..

by: Abu Aardvark, Abuaardvark Blog 2007-3-26

With the Egyptian referendum scheduled for tomorrow and a major demonstration scheduled for today, and international criticism mounting, all kinds of chaotic information is swirling about.  Here’s some of what I’ve heard, though I emphasize that little is really certain right now. Rumours swirled that Kefaya’s former coordinator George Ishaq had ..

by: Abu Aardvark, Abuaardvark Blog 2007-3-28

The official results of the Egyptian referendum have been announced:  27.1% participation, 75.9% voting yes.  Al-Ahram, the official mouthpiece of the Egyptian regime (it used to be "semi-official" until a non-entity was appointed as editor in place of Ibrahim Nafie, who was corr..

by: Abu Aardvark, Abuaardvark Blog 2007-4-11

FYI:  The site World Politics Watch has just published an abridged version of my article "Blogging the New Arab Public," which appeared in the premiere issue of Arab Media and Society a few weeks ago.   If..

by: Abu Aardvark, Abuaardvark Blog 2007-4-13

The blogosphere and mass media alike have rallied impressively to the cause of Abd al-Kareem Sulayman (Kareem Amer), the Egyptian blogger imprisoned for four years for his writings against Islamists.   At the time, <..

by: Abu Aardvark, Abuaardvark Blog 2007-4-27
Mohamed Abu Roman, one of the smartest Jordanian writers on Islamist issues, turns his attention today to Hamas Iraq. Like me, Abu Roman places the appearance of Hamas Iraq directly within the conte..

by: Abu Aardvark, Abuaardvark Blog 2007-5-9

Anyone interested in the Sunni insurgency developments which I’ve been focusing on lately will want to check out this absolutely fascinating account of the formation of the

by: Abu Aardvark, Abuaardvark Blog 2007-6-23

Mohamed Abu Roman, a very sharp and independent-minded Jordanian political analyst with good insights into Islamist politics, writes today that Hamas has for the first time in its existence lost the Arab media war.  The images from Gaza, he writes, have cost it the reputation with the mainstream Arab public cultivated..

by: Abu Aardvark, Abuaardvark Blog 2007-6-23

My regular contribution to the late, lamented Qahwa Sada experiment was a Friday roundup of interesting academic-ish articles recently published about the Middle East.  That seems like a tradition worth continuing.  So without further ado, here are some interesting pieces which caught my eye this week (even if some of them were published earlier):

by: Abu Aardvark, Abuaardvark Blog 2007-6-25

With Egypt about to host a summit in Sharm al-Shaykh with Israel, Jordan, and Mahmoud Abbas, Mohammed Salah, writing in al-Hayat, takes a closer look at Egypt’s interests.  While Egypt no doubt is worried about instability and violence across its border in Gaza - especially..

by: Abu Aardvark, Abuaardvark Blog 2007-6-30

A lot of people have been asking me what I think of the various rumors swirling around al-Jazeera.  Supporters of al-Jazeera have been in a frenzy over an alleged ’pro-US coup’  through the appointment of a new, allegedly pro-American board of directors and the demotion of station director Wadah Khanfar.  Al-Jazeera’s enemies have been