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by: Amr Hamzawy* 2009-4-28
The Muslim Brotherhood’s reaction to the Hizbullah controversy reveals that until now the movement is split in its strategic outlook between two opposing political directions, writes Amr Hamzawy..

by: Amr Hamzawy* 2009-3-17
Optimists and pessimists alike on the future of the Middle East alongside Obama have little to go on yet..

by: Amr Hamzawy* 2009-3-4
The ascendance of a business class in other parts of the world has fostered democracy. Can the same happen in the Arab world..

by: Amr Hamzawy* 2009-2-20
Whenever an Arab voice is raised calling for a critical assessment of the tactical choices and practices of Hamas and for an examination of the extent of its responsibility for the death and destruction rained on Gaza during the Israeli offensive it is drowned by the outcries of the manufacturers of resistance and rejectionist narratives, swamped by a barrage of insinuations regarding loyalties and motives. As varied as these responses are in tone, which ranges from calm and reasoned t..

by: Amr Hamzawy* 2007-2-4

The Muslim Brotherhood played into the government’s hands by attempting to dismiss the military style demonstration by students at Al-Azhar as an irrelevance

The government capitalised on the demonstration staged by the "Black Masks", a contingent of Muslim Brotherhood students, at Al-Azhar University last month. Its violent clampdo..