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by: As’ad Abukhalil, The Angry Arab News Service 2006-7-27

 How to follow the crisis on Arab media? There is no question that AlJazeera has seen a most dramatic resurgence during this crisis. AlJazeera of course proved its lead in pan-Arab coverage in the past, but this is a story with local dimensions. So it was not clear that AlJazeera would win against the strong Lebanese TV competitors. But it won, hands ..

by: As’ad AbuKhalil, The Angry Arab News Service 2007-1-2
Yet again, the Bush administration looks stupid exactly when it thinks it is being smart, or when it thinks it is being strategic in its actions. Saddam Husayn was not your typical tyrant: he was not even a consistent ideologue; unlike what his supporters would like to think. Saddam switched his views and stances, all depending on the interest of his tyrannical regime. He flirted (and more than fl..

by: As’ad Abukhalil, The Angry Arab News Service 2007-6-8
Husni Mubarak is accorded the title of the Prophet in a school district’s official school exam in Minyah, Egypt. It says: "May God offer him prayers and salutations, President Mubarak launched an important democratic initiative to amend article 76 of the Egyptian constitution regarding direct election of the president, may God offer him his prayers and