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by: Asmaa Shehata, Ikhwanweb 2007-5-17
The Faculty of Sharia and Law, Al-Azhar university in Dakahlia, referred ten students to disciplinary boards...

by: Asmaa Shehata, Ikhwanweb 2007-5-23

Hamas movement holds the IOF accountable for the threats of targeting Hamas leaders, saying all option are on the table including a third Intifada.
Israeli Internal Security Minister, Avi Dichter, declared in Israeli Army Radio that Israel will target Hamas politburo chief Khalid Mashaal at first opportunity .
Commenting on these threats, Mushir Al Masri, Hamas spokes..

by: Asmaa Shehata, Ikhwanweb 2007-6-3

Abdul- Jalil Al-Sharnouby, chief editor of Ikwanonline, was prevented from attending the military court session for MB leaders earlier today. When Sharnouby tried to protest this action by security personnel; he was quicky subdued by several members of the police force. 

Abdul- Jalil Al-Sharnouby stated to ikhwanweb that he went to the court at 8.30 am to attend the ..

by: Asmaa Shehata, Ikhwanweb 2007-6-4

Deputy chairman of the Arab Organization for Human Rights: MB Military Tribunal Bone-Breaking Battle Between Regime, Justice
The second session of the military tribunal for the 33 Muslim Brotherhood reformists and business moguls was held on Sunday, June 3rd. Most of the 200-member defence panel in addition to the international observers were denied access to the court session.

by: Asmaa Shehata, Ikhwanweb 2007-6-13
Many riggings, detentions and violations were committed on the day of the Shira Council midterm elections held on Monday June, 11, 2007. Main opposition powers boycotted elections but the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) insisted on spearheading opposition against..

by: Asmaa Shehata, Ikhwanweb 2007-6-15

Abdel Mon’em Mahmoud; a famous name in blogosphere, and he was the first among young men in Muslim Brotherhood … this encouraged the security forces to arrest him and cook a lame excuse for arresting him along with other brethrens however, the general prosecutor agreed to release him after pressures and protests from bloggers and human rights institutions...

by: Asmaa Shehata, Ikhwanweb 2007-6-17
Mish Hansayyaf (No Summer Vacation) is a new slogan of a campaign launched by a group of Muslim Brotherhood families to show their solidarity with families of the Muslim Brotherhood leaders referred to the Military Tribunal...

by: Asmaa Shehata, Ikhwanweb 2007-6-25

Believing that his profession would serve as a relief for thousands of people, he decided to work as doctor, however, it brought him many troubles and adversaries since he was one of the working figures in human aids at the Doctors’ syndicate in Egypt which offered many services to many ruined areas. Dr. Gamal Abdul Salam was released recently after he spent his term for four months behind the ..

by: Asmaa Shehata, Ikhwanweb 2007-6-25
Dr. Abdel Moneim Abul Fotouh, the leader in the Muslim Brotherhood group, said in a statement to Ikhwanweb: “The declared target of this conference is pushing the peace process but the real target of this conference is to support Mahmoud Abbas to move in the settlement process which previously proposed by Sharon and which was rejected by all Palestinian powers, including the Fatah Movement...