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by: Baheyya 2007-12-8
Since Monday, thousands of tax collectors from the Real Estate Tax Authority have made a downtown street their home. They’ve converged on Cairo from all over the country to stage a massive sit-in in front of the Cabinet building. Their demands: wage parity with their better-paid colleagues in the General Tax and Sales Tax Authorities, and transferring their affiliation from the corruption-ridden municipal governments to the Finance Ministry (a demand they’ve made since 1976). Real esta..

by: Baheyya 2007-9-17
Thursday’s sentencing and fining of four independent newspaper editors is not particularly new or surprising. And neither is the impending trial of Ibrahim Eissa for allegedly spreading rumours about Mubarak’s health...

by: Baheyya 2005-11-1

Invitation to Breakfast

We, the mothers, wives, and children of detainees in all of Egypt’s prisons, have the pleasure of inviting you to a group iftar on Tuesday, 22 Ramadan, 25 October 2005, in front of the Egyptian Interior Ministry. We invite you to join us in preparing for the iftar by starting our protest march at noon on that day.

The iftar is composed of:

1. Mea..

by: Baheyya 2005-11-12

Four Myths About Elections

Ahhhhh, election season again. Egypt’s parliamentary poll started on Wednesday, the eighth since Mr Anwar Sadat oh-so-graciously decided to return to multiparty politics back in 1976. It was a manoeuvre he would later deeply regret, especially when parliamentary opposition quickly dovetailed with paraparliamentary protest. This year’s elections are neither a ..

by: Baheyya 2006-7-8

Mr Anwar Sadat had a notorious but particularly apt expression whenever he embarked on one of his endless authoritarian manoeuvres. “It’s all by law!” (kullu bil qanun!) he would intone. Indeed, Egypt’s rulers have always understood that violent repression alone is never enough to control a complex society of guilds. So ..

by: Baheyya 2006-7-8


Thursday’s marking of referendum day 2005 unfolded as planned, with relatively less state ..

by: Baheyya 2006-10-2
It’s too early to really know whether and how Egyptian politics will be affected by the latest regional armed conflict. Looking for dramatic change makes no sense, but whining that nothing will change is..

by: Baheyya 2006-12-20
I’ve been watching with intense interest and much fascination three elections that have once again pitted members of the Muslim Brothers against members of the ruling regime. These ..

by: Baheyya 2007-1-8
One of the many political absurdities left behind by Mr Anwar Sadat is something called “The Political Party Affairs Committee.” This thing, composed exclusively of NDP members, gets to cherry pick the regime’s opposition (see Law 40/1977). This means that we have opposition parties headed by the likes of Shaykh Ahmad al-Sabahy, president of al-Umma Party (r..

by: Baheyya 2007-3-7
There are few more profoundly grotesque and unjust practices in Egypt’s republican history than presidential referrals of civilians to military tribunals, civilians who have done nothing more than peacefully express their political beliefs. Each of Egypt’s three presidents has tried and failed to defeat his challengers by using this faux-legal instrument. Na..

by: Baheyya 2007-7-30
On Monday, 23 July, stay at home and raise Egypt’s flag...

by: Baheyya 2007-7-30
Talented photographer Amr Abdallah at al-Masry al-Yawm has kindly shared his photos of citizens’ daily struggle for water, here in Giza. I’m in no mood for comment. What’s there to say? Who isn’t outraged by this suffering and deprivation, and who isn’t enraged by the responses of Gamal Mubarak’s ministers and his father’s governors?..