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by: Basma Omar 2009-6-19
Muslim Brotherhood emphasizes importance on this perception prevailing in our society as "We are certainly equipped to make all the opportunities available for women to engage in the experiment," Habib said. There are certainly more women excelling in terms of efficiency, ability, energy, and performance moreso than men both scientifically and intellectually. Besides they have a privileged role in the parliament, thereby enriching the political arena in Egypt, he added...

by: Basma Omar 2009-6-15
In continuity to the series of terrorising citizens, the Ministry of Interior has issued a decision today to arrest seven MB members in Sharqya and transfer them to Wady Al-Natron prison, after the Prosecution appealed against the decision of Zaqaziq Criminal Court to release them, on Monday 8th June. ..

by: Basma Omar 2009-5-30
It is worth noting that students have been referred to disciplinary boards, which issued a decision to prevent them from taking the exams after organizing exhibitions supporting Gaza, however the students sued the faculty to allow them to take the exams and won. ..

by: Basma Omar 2009-5-21
Regarding the MB’s stance on holding a dialogue with Obama, El-Katatny said that the MB openly announces that “whoever wants to hold a dialogue with us in public, they’re welcome. As for the secret files and dark agenda, the MB has no relation with them, and this rule applies to the American president as well as other presidents.” ..

by: Basma Omar 2009-5-11
Swaseya Centre for Human Rights and Countring Anti-Descrimination has issued a statement in which it condemned what was faced by Fayoum students of arrests, dismissals and administrative investigations in the university...

by: Basma Omar 2009-5-7
“Haqqi Centre For Human Rights” in their issued statement today titled “Save Fayoum Student”, has condemned the circumistances to which detained Fayoum students were exposed to...

by: Basma Omar 2009-5-5
In its latest report, the International Bank’s Center for Economic and Social Research and Studies ranked Egypt as the third among the 50 most despotic countries in the world, after Jordan and Mauritania..

by: Basma Omar 2009-3-25
MP Abdel Hamid Zaghloul (Member of MB Parliamentary Bloc) has condemned the deliberate negligence of the archaeological area of Abu Mandour which history books has mentioned the existence of the Pharaonic city of Rashid buried under Abu Mandour area...

by: Basma Omar 2009-3-25
Again the MB MP Dr. Farid Ismail has revealed a new corruption incident by the government as it sold the Egyptian Medicine Company to an Arab investor for ten times less than its actual price..

by: Basma Omar 2009-3-24
Sameh Ashour, former chairman of the Bar Association, has expressed the seriousnessof his intention to convene an urgent General Assembly, to be held on 3rd of April. ..

by: Basma Omar 2009-3-20
Security forces have increased the violations against MB students, where arrest and security attacks became the norm in dealing with students, in addition to the dismissals and transfer to disciplinary councils..

by: Basma Omar 2009-3-19
Member of the MB Parliamentary Bloc and Parliament Committee of Education MP Ibrahim Zakariyya presented an urgent statement to PM Dr. Ahmed Nazif and Minister of Finance Botros Ghali on the government’s failure to execute parliament decisions..

by: Basma Omar 2009-3-17
Every now and then in Egypt several incidents of violence take place, most of them small, having no link with any big organizations, having relatively limited effects, and carried out using amateur tools. The most vivid example of this is the terrorist bombing that took place just last month in the tourist site El-Hussein killing a French citizen and injuring dozens and which no details have been revealed about until now. This incident was followed by the finding of glass containing ..

by: Basma Omar 2009-3-17
Sources conversant with the Ministry of Petroleum announced that petroleum prices will be freed in the Egyptian market in order to cover the ministry’s financial debt crisis which proved to reach 100 billion LE according to MB Parliamentary Bloc Member MP Ashraf Badruddin in his statement to Ikhwanweb explaining that while discussing the financial statement of the Ministry of Petroleum in one of the parliament sessions, the debt amount was revealed...

by: Basma Omar 2009-3-15
A political deadlock is in the making in Egypt which is repeatedly facing strikes, sit-ins and protests in which Egyptians are calling for their rights from a government that closed all means for dialogue The Egyptians seek only peaceful strikes as a solace to attain their rights...

by: Basma Omar 2009-3-12
Students in Egypt are still looking for a way to express their opinions and to breath the essence of freedom after they got tired of litigation and demonstrations...

by: Basma Omar 2009-3-10
MB Leader Esam El-Erian told Ikhwanweb that Gamal Mubarak’s visit to U.S. took place very secretly. “We never heard or saw any comment in the American or Egyptian media on this visit, and it is obvious that there is media cover-up on this visit from both the Egyptian and American sides. This is in addition to the already lacking transparency and authenticity of the Egyptian media. Nothing about the purpose of this visit will be announced except that which is wanted. However, ..

by: Basma Omar 2009-3-10
At Sunday noon, March 8, state security forces kidnapped 52-year-old El-Sayyid El-Bor’i, Head of the Bank for Development and Agricultural Credit in Ibrahimiyya and MB figure in the Ibrahimiyya Center from the headquarters of his work for unknown reasons...

by: Basma Omar 2009-3-10
The Spokesman of MB Parliamentary Bloc Dr. Hamdi Hassan on behalf of the bloc has described the Egyptian security forces assault on the British lifeline convoy as an embarrassing and insulting action for the Egyptian government..

by: Basma Omar 2009-3-9
On behalf of MB lawyers, Abdel Moneim Abdel Maqsoud (Head of the Electoral List of MB Lawyers), in a statement to Ikhwanweb, has threatened to an escalation by MB lawyers if electoral lists of the Bar Association was not annoucned mid this month, and he added "pacific options are open until lawyers get their rights"...

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