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by: By Stuart Littlewood 2010-8-19
In the five years since I became interested in the Palestinians, only two things of positive note have happened in the occupied territories...

by: By Stuart Littlewood 2010-7-31
My MP, a Foreign Office minister in the shiny new coalition government, has written to me saying he believes the foreign secretary was "extremely fair, tough and statesmanlike" in his reaction to Israel's murderous assault on the vessel Mavi Marmara and the rest of the Free Gaza flotilla...

by: By Stuart Littlewood 2010-6-23
My Lords, the United Kingdom is in regular contact with the Israeli and Palestinian Governments and our international allies regarding the current humanitarian situation in Gaza and the wider issues relating to the peace process..

by: By Stuart Littlewood 2010-6-18
Not all Jews are Zionists. Many reject the Zionist project and fight against it...

by: By Stuart Littlewood 2010-6-15
We must not forget what Hamas, which controls Gaza, stands for: it is intent on violence, smuggles arms, colludes with other rogue states and thumbs its nose at the international community...

by: By Stuart Littlewood 2010-6-9
Israel already allows sufficient humanitarian aid into Gaza so the flotilla was “an armada of hate and violence", said Israel’s deputy foreign minister...

by: By Stuart Littlewood 2010-6-2
what steps Her Majesty's Government was taking to protect the Fee Gaza flotilla sailing to the besieged enclave on a humanitarian mission, in view of threats by Israel to seize the vessels and their crews and passengers...

by: By Stuart Littlewood 2010-5-3
There’s another twist in the recent adventures of the 104th Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams. This Christian top cat visited Gaza in February – a year late, let it be said – but afterwards made no public statement about the wretched human conditions still prevailing there...