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by: Dr. Azzam Tamimi 2007-11-26
The Hamas election victory in January of 2006 sent shockwaves through the Arab world — and through Islamists with varying convictions..

by: Dr. Azzam Tamimi 2005-10-15
Abdel Aziz Makhuan, an actor and a political activist, urged all opposing powers to unite themselves to attain unified goals; to fight corruption and deposition and to improve the living conditions, in Egypt...

by: Dr. Azzam Tamimi 2005-12-10

Democracy: The Religious and the Political in Contemporary Islamic Debate

 Abstract: The opponents of Democracy within the Islamic camp base their opposition on claims that Islam and democracy are antithetical of one another. To prove them wrong, Islamic proponents of democracy - such as Rachid Ghannouchi - seek to show that a lack in understanding either of democ..

by: Dr. Azzam Tamimi 2005-12-10

 Human Rights and Muslim Identity
Identity has been defined as oneness: that which endures as a self-regulating unity throughout change; or as sameness: that which can be identified as being the same from among diversity or pluralit..

by: Dr. Azzam Tamimi 2007-6-20
From ancient times to 1922 the lands to the east of the Jordan River were culturally and politically united with the lands to the west of the river. Muslims conquered the area, which was Roman rule, in the 7th century. The Ottomans took control in the 16th century and their rule continued until 1920 when the territories on both sides of the river Jordan were covered by Britain’s Palestine Mandate...

by: Dr. Azzam Tamimi 2007-6-19
A little over ten years ago, several Arab countries in the Middle East and North Africa experienced the breeze of democracy that blew across our globe. Unlike Eastern Europe and Central America, in the Arab and Muslim regions the breeze soon gave way to scorching winds of turmoil that only consolidated existing dictatorships across the region...