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by: Haroon Siddiqui 2010-12-1
We have had acres of newsprint and hours of broadcasts on the flawed elections in Haiti, a nation of 10 million, which has an understandable emotional hold on us but is of little geopolitical significance...

by: Haroon Siddiqui 2010-11-21
The king is old and sick, perhaps dying. The queen is said to want their second son as successor. But the old guard in the military and intelligence circles think the young man is not ready. Until he is, they want one of their own as interim leader...

by: Haroon Siddiqui 2008-5-16
"Unfortunately, Israel at 60 remains a country under threat – threatened by those groups and regimes who deny to this day its right to exist," he told a Toronto celebration marking the anniversary. ..

by: HAROON SIDDIQUI 2005-12-12

Bush must keep in check Egypt’s desperate despot
U.S. president cannot allow Mubarak to derail democracy, says Haroon Siddiqui

First in Turkey and then in Iraq, Islamists swept the elections. In Lebanon, Hezbollah won seats in areas where it’s active. Now in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood has made historic gains, despite official intimidation, fraud, thuggery and the killing of 11 and..