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by: Hassan Nafaa 2010-10-12
Al-Dostour’s recently dismissed chief editor, Ibrahim Eissa, was not fired due to ordinary disputes over administrative or editorial issues. The decision to remove Eissa was without a doubt political...

by: Hassan Nafaa 2010-9-2
Saad Eddin Ibrahim--the well-known dissident, Egyptian-American sociologist and human rights activist--signed a statement Monday issued by the Popular Coalition to Support of Gamal Mubarak for Presidential Candidacy backing the nomination of the president’s son in next year’s elections...

by: Hassan Nafaa 2010-4-22
It’s possible that running away from a confrontation might delay it for some time, but it can never resolve it. It’s also possible that avoiding a problem can exacerbate it and make it worse...

by: Hassan Nafaa 2010-4-22
We all want to see genuine presidential elections in 2011 when, for the first time in the country's history, Egyptians should be able choose their president from among a list of competent candidates who merit such a position...

by: Hassan Nafaa 2009-10-6
We reached a conclusion in last week's article that what is being said about "the bequeathal of power" in Egypt is not just an "illusion contrived by the opposition and believed in" as alleged by members of the ruling party's policy committee...

by: Hassan Nafaa 2008-8-24
Dear Mr President, I am aware that the presidential campaign is not over and that surprises are to be expected, but I have no doubt that, all things being equal, you will be the future president of the United States of America. My reasons for saying so are many, and I do not need to go into them in detail here, as I did just that in an article entitled, "What if?" which ran in this same space right after Hillary Clinton bowed out of the race. Suffice it to say that I believe that th..

by: Hassan Nafaa 2007-12-28
At the threshold of a new year Egypt seems to be straddling two eras: that of a now decrepit political order, the life expectancy of which ended years ago but is still clinging tenaciously to life, and that of something that is still embryonic...