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by: Ibrahim El Houdaiby 2009-7-8
Trying to support Sarkozy’s decision by arguing that niqab is not a religious obligation is absurd, and beside the point. Women in France being allowed to wear niqab if they choose to has very little to do with France’s respect of Islamic law. It has much more to do with the French government’s respect of minority rights, and of the basic human rights of the few Muslim women choosing to wear niqab in the country...

by: Ibrahim El Houdaiby 2008-11-3
Along with arresting newspaper editors, the state security apparatus is restricting access to websites, and the internet itself..

by: Ibrahim el Houdaiby 2008-4-2
Last week, Dutch MP Geert Wilders released his movie Fitna, attacking Muslims and the Qur’an, amidst wide international worries that airing the movie would only lead to further cross-cultural tensions, and perhaps violence...

by: Ibrahim El Houdaiby 2008-3-4
I woke up on Wednesday February 20th on the news of the arrest of Khaled Hamza Salam, IkhwanWeb.com co-editor in chief...

by: Ibrahim El Houdaiby 2008-2-26
Those who believe that the ongoing crackdowns on the Muslim Brotherhood by the Egyptian regime will cause a major setback for the country’s largest and most powerful civil opposition group are definitely mistaken. Brotherhood members are an integral living part of the Egyptian society who can never be marginalized. In fact, the only possible outcome for such crackdowns is increasing the group’s popularity and radicalizing political Islam...

by: Ibrahim El Houdaiby 2008-1-12
Public discontent in Egypt has not been solely manifested in ballot boxes (when there are semi-fair elections), demonstrations and newspaper articles. Most Egyptians still feel insecure about expressing themselves in these ways...

by: Ibrahim El Houdaiby 2007-12-14
With the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt over the past years, several groups in the society became increasingly worried the impact of this rise on citizenship rights. Women and Copts seemed to me worried more than any other group. Most of these worries are justifiable. They are the result of a distorted Islamist discourse that emerged in the 1970s, clearly influenced by petro-dollar spread of Wahhabi thought. This discourse was a clear deviation from al Banna’s moderate school..

by: Ibrahim El Houdaiby 2007-11-9
What exactly do Western governments and policymakers want from Islamists, i.e. individuals and groups who believe that their system of government should be based on Islamic ..

by: Ibrahim El Houdaiby 2007-11-21
To be clear, if Sandmonkey faces any other harassment, I will still support him. Whether the harassment is because of blogging, or because of his political activity, this won’t matter to me. Unlike his claims, he was harassed last time because of political activity and not blogging; security forces only started following him upon his participation in a demonstration, so I don’t think it was his blogging that mattered either, his case is very similar to that of my friend Monem..

by: Ibrahim El Houdaiby 2007-11-17
State Security Apparatus escalated its assault on detained Muslim Brotherhood members when officers woke them up at 2am a couple of days ago for “inspections purposes.” ..

by: Ibrahim El Houdaiby 2007-11-14
The justice systems in Britain and the US may not be perfect. But viewed from Egypt, the jurisprudence and transparency that attend the vast majority of trials there are very much to be envied...

by: Ibrahim El Houdaiby 2007-11-8
What exactly do Western governments and policymakers want from Islamists, i.e. individuals and groups who believe that their system of government should be based on Islamic principles?..

by: Ibrahim El Houdaiby 2007-9-23
Understanding Shariah as such contributes to clearing a lot of misconceptions shared by intellectuals, journalists, policy makers and the public alike in different corners of the world...

by: Ibrahim El Houdaiby 2007-9-22
Egyptian newspapers report that sources close to the ruling elite have asserted that Muslim Brotherhood Deputy Chairman, Khayrat El Shater, currently standing before a military tribunal, will be sentenced to five years in prison...

by: Ibrahim El Houdaiby 2007-9-1
President Hosni Mubarak and the regime have failed, for a while now, to answer a straight-forward question that democracy activists, human rights organizations, journalists and political activists have been marveling about over the past five months: why are civilians belonging to opposition groups tried before military tribunals?..

by: Ibrahim El Houdaiby 2007-8-1
I feel the need to write about a great reformer and a sincere advocate of democracy and human rights who is currently behind bars. The Egyptian Khayrat El Shater is currently held in custody, facing money laundry and terrorism charges by a military tribunal after being acquitted four times for the same charges by Egyptian civilian courts...

by: Ibrahim El Houdaiby 2006-2-24

Once again, issues revolving around the Muslim Brotherhood have topped the agenda of political discussion, as the “outlawed” organization won the second largest number of seats during the latest parliamentary elections in Egypt. Despite all the violations and manipulation of results, which I personally witnessed, Brotherhood members won 88 out of 150 candidates they nominated. Unfortunately, in..

by: Ibrahim El Houdaiby 2007-7-7

Increasing tensions between the Muslim world, and specifically the Islamists therein, and the West has been caused primarily by the lack of mutual understanding between both sides. Sweeping generalizations, misconceptions and lack of diversity acceptance have been three main factors hindering the emergence of a constructive dialogue between both parties, and have consequently contributed to inc..