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by: Ibrahim El-Houdaiby 2009-7-9
Western media constantly points the religious freedom and minority rights issues in the Muslim world. Sometimes the reports are true, and the incidents are cruel, but most of the time they are exaggerated. More importantly, silence is deafening when it comes to the rights of Arabs in Israel. In addition to their daily suffering and enduring social discrimination, some of their political parties were officially banned from participating in the last elections because they are calling for..

by: Ibrahim El-Houdaiby 2008-4-22
News agencies reported last month that President Mubarak ordered the army to intervene to resolve what has come to be known as the "bread crisis" in Egypt...

by: Ibrahim El-Houdaiby 2008-3-6
Violette Daguerre, Chairwoman of the Paris-based Arab Commission for Human Rights (ACHR)announced on Thursday that the commission awarded honorary membership to Khaled Hamza, ikhwanweb.com detained Chief Editor. She asserted that the commission “is honored to have Hamza among its members.”..

by: Ibrahim El-Houdaiby 2008-1-18
The future of Pakistan is now blurrier than ever. With the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, stability and peace of the country are at stake. Pakistan’s military ruler Pervez Musharaf condemned the assassination of his political rival, and so did American President George Bush and other Western officials. Yet it is patently clear that both Musharaf and Bush share the responsibility of the assassination. ..

by: Ibrahim El-Houdaiby 2007-12-10
El Shater is currently standing before a military tribunal along with 39 Brotherhood members and leaders, facing charges of money laundry, and leading and financing an outlawed organization...