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by: ikhwan online 2005-2-28
The Muslim Brotherhood has issued the following statement strongly condemning the massacre of the tourists in Cairo: The Muslim Brotherhood strongly condemns the criminal and savage attack on innocent tourists earlier in the morning today in the Europe Hotel on the Haram Pyramids Road, resulting in most savage massacre...

by: Ikhwan Online 2005-10-9

The formation of the National Front for the Change that contains the union of the opposing parties and the political powers; which consists of the movements of Moslem Brotherhood, Keefaia, and el-Karama, is announced.


These powers resolve to..

by: Ikhwan Online 2005-10-10
The students of the Moslem Brotherhood, in Cairo University, will arrange a student conference on Thursday 10th of Oct. The conference will be attended by student representatives of all Egyptian universities.


The conference, entitled ’a Free University’, will witness the announcement of the demands of..

by: Ikhwan Online 2005-10-11

The Moslem Brotherhood and the Constitutional-article76 Amendment
Ikhwan online
Abdel Moaz Muhammad
The political reform and the freedom are the prime issues for the representatives of the Moslem Brotherhood since their access to the parliament. For the sake of these issues, the Moslem Brotherhood incurred precious sacrifices such as standing before martial courts, facing trumped-up ch..

by: Ikhwan Online 2005-10-12
The National Committee in Defense of the Opinion-related Prisoners, headed by the journalist, Muhammad Abdel Qudoos, will organize a massive demonstration in front of the Egyptian Physicians’ Syndicate, on Monday 10th of Oct. The demonstration aims at calling for the release of..

by: Ikhwan Online 2005-10-14
The leader of Egypt’s banned Muslim Brotherhood on Wednesday urged Egyptians to vote in next month’s parliamentary elections saying it may be a fair race but he still warned voters to guard against forgery.The Arab world’s most populous country held its first multi-candidate presidential race in September and holds parliamentary elections, in three stages, starting on November 9...

by: Ikhwan Online 2005-10-14

Aziz Sedqy: the Moslem Brotherhood Makes the Opposing Front Successful:
Ikhwan online
Aziz Sedqy, the ex-prime minister, and the Coordinator of the National Front for Change, addressed the gather on the occasion of collective breakfast hold by the Moslem Brotherhood.


by: Ikhwan Online 2005-10-16

El-Eriaan, Al-Gazzar and Others are Released

Ikhwan Online
The Prosecution of the State Security, on 15 of Oct., decided to bail Dr. Essam el-Eriaan, a leading figure in the Moslem Brotherhood, Dr. Helmy el-Gazar, Nader Twfiq, and Muhammad Talat.

Abdel Monam Abdel Maqsod, a lawyer, said that el-Eriaan is released on bail of 2000 pounds, 1000 for el-Gazar and Talat, and 500 p..

by: Ikhwan Online 2005-10-21

Sawaseias Report Rejects the Violates in the Election Process
Ikhwan online
By Monir Adeeb
Sawaseia (means equals in Arabic) Center for Human Right and Anti-discrimination has released its first report on the contraventions that were committed on the first day of the process of running for 2005 parliamentary election. The report, entitled ’ an Eye on the Parliamentary Election’, drew..

by: Ikhwan Online 2005-11-1
The students of Moslem Brotherhood in all universities will organize massive demonstrations on 3102005. The slogan of the demonstrations will be ’together toward reform… free university…free country’...

by: Ikhwan Online 2005-11-7

The Muslim Brotherhood  Demands Two Moroccans to be Released

Ikhwan online
The Muslim Brotherhood appealed the kidnappers of the two Moroccans, in Iraq, to release them immediately. The two hostages are Abdel Raheem Bualam, 55 years, who is a driver at the Moroccan Embassy in Baghdad and Abdel Kreem El-mahafzy, 49 years, who is a technician.

The Supreme Guide for the M..

by: Ikhwan Online 2005-11-7

Moslem Brotherhood and the Methodology of Reform (23)

By Mahmmud Ezet, the Secretary General of the Moslem Brotherhood

Ikhwan Online 

Why does the Moslem Brotherhood insist to apply the Islamic version of reform? This question was answered in the last article where we stated eight general characteristics of the Islamic reform:

1-    It covers..

by: Ikhwan Online 2005-11-7

Referendum: The Muslim Brotherhood Candidates are leading
By Yasser Hady

A plebiscite held by the well-known site, www.mooga.com, shows the Muslim Brotherhood candidates leading other nominees of the parliamentary election.


The site posed a question; who will you elect in the upcoming parliamentary election?  ..

by: Ikhwan Online 2005-11-7

Saoasia Condemns Moktar’s Detention
Ikhwan online

By Yasser Hady

Saoasia (equals in Arabic) Center for Human Right denounced the detention of the Muslim Brotherhood candidate in Nasser City district, Essam Moktar, whose candidacy is legally documented. It is regarded as a violation of his right to have election propaganda without governmental intervention. 


by: Ikhwan Online 2005-11-8

Heshmat: the ruling party is Depressed

Ikhwan online 
The Moslem Brotherhood candidate in Damanhor district, Dr. Muhammad Heshmat, said, in a 10.000-attentned popular gathering, that the Nation Democratic Party starts to be disappointed due to the growing support of the MB candidates.

Heshmat underlined, in his address, that the slogan, ’Islam is the remedy’,..

by: Ikhwan Online 2005-11-8

Akef: the Ruling System is Reluctant to Proceed with Reform

Ikhwan online
By Muhammad el-Shreef
The Supreme Guide of the Moslem Brotherhood, Muhammad Akef, emphasized that the Egyptian ruling party, the National Democratic Party, is disinclined to progress the reform process. For the NDP leaders are absorbed into deposition since 50 years.

In his statements to el-Manar T..

by: Ikhwan Online 2005-11-9

Egyptians vote for new parliament 
Opposition candidates have been able to campaign with relative freedom 
Voters in Egypt are taking part in a first round of parliamentary elections.
More than 5,000 candidates are standing for office. President Hosni Mubarak’s National Democratic Party is expected to win another substantial majority.

However, the electi..

by: Ikhwan Online 2005-11-9

The Number of MB Candidate in Saida Zeinab Change

The first infringement in the first phase of the parliamentary election, started at 8am on Nov.9th, is recorded. The Moslem Brotherhood candidate in Saida Zeinab district, Adel Hamed, discovered that his electoral number has changed from 8 to 7. This situation may confuse voters and may incur the candidate to loss numerous yes votes...

by: Ikhwan Online 2005-11-9

Abu el-Fotoh: the MB Candidates are 3% out of the Total

By Yassen Abdel Maqsod
Dr. Abdel Monam Abu el-Fotoh, a member of the Moslem Brotherhood’s Supreme Council, said that the MB nominees represent 3% of the total number of candidates running for the parliamentary election, due to start tomorrow, Nov.9th.


In his statements to the satellite channel MBC, on Nov...

by: Ikhwan Online 2005-11-9

 Dr. Abdel Monam Abu el-Fotoh, a member of the Supreme Council of the Moslem Brotherhood, stressed that the Egyptian imminent parliamentary election will not be just due to many reasons...

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