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by: Juan Cole 2010-11-3
Iraq’s security problems continue to be severe, if not generally crippling the way they were in 2006, as underlined by Sunday’s guerrilla takeover of a Baghdad church and the subsequent deaths of dozens when the terrorists detonated suicide belts during a government rescue attempt on Monday...

by: Juan Cole 2009-6-14
If Obama gets the United States out of Iraq, makes progress toward a Palestinian state and a stable government in Kabul, he would be the most successful US president in the Middle East in history, notes Juan Cole. ..

by: Juan Cole 2008-5-28
May 28, 2008 | Not long ago, the John McCain campaign dropped a prominent Arab-American businessman from its Michigan state finance committee because of allegations that the man was an "agent" of Hezbollah...

by: Juan Cole 2008-4-8
I am always astounded at the combination of unrealistic optimism and foolish gullibility that marks political discourse on the Right in Washington. We were being told by Rich Lowry at the National Review that Sadr was on the ropes and on the verge of disbanding the Mahdi Army because the other political factions had turned on him, and that the others had had their militias join the regular security forces. ..

by: Juan Cole 2007-12-23
The USG Open Source Center translates an interview in the Spanish newspaper El Mundo with Damien Corsetti, a former private in the US army who served as an interrogator and was charged with crimes. He says he witnessed torture but did not commit it himself. He also says that most of the individuals he interrogated had nothing to do with al-Qaeda or the Taliban..

by: Juan Cole 2007-2-4

Hamas’ stunning victory underlines the contradictions and hypocrisies in Bush’s Mideast policies

The stunning victory of the militant Muslim fundamentalist Hamas Party in the Palestinian elections underlines the central contradictions in the Bush administration’s policies toward the Middle East. Bush pushes for elections, confusing them with democracy, but seems blind to the dangers of ..