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by: Khalil El-Anani 2010-1-31
After a difficult and protracted interlude the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) elected a new supreme guide, Mohamed Badei...

by: Khalil El-Anani 2009-10-5
What became of the Arab state? In one way or another, argues Khalil El-Anani*, it has managed not just to fail, but to fail miserably..

by: Khalil El-Anani 2008-5-23
If Hassan Al-Banna, who founded the Muslim Brotherhood 80 years ago, were alive now, he would have issued a decision to force many of the old leaders in the group into retirement and give them the Medal of Honor for their efforts and dedication to the service of the da’wa (call to Islam) and the group for more than 70 years...

by: Khalil El-Anani 2008-5-1
It has been 80 years since Hassan El-Banna founded the Muslim Brotherhood. During this period, the organisation evolved from a small community association based in the Suez Canal city of Ismailia to an international movement traversing the Islamic world with a distinct theological and ideological school, off of which have branched a host of other Islamist movements of varying shades from liberal to militant...