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by: Mohammad Salah 2010-10-19
The ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) in Egypt is busy with its internal elections to select its candidates to the People’s Assembly elections scheduled at the end of next month, while opposition forces are busy settling scores among themselves...

by: Mohammad Salah 2010-9-28
It seems that the call by some members of the Egyptian opposition for boycotting the People’s Assembly elections, scheduled at the end of next November, will be met only by those who have called for it...

by: Mohammad Salah 2010-8-27
A television series can cause uproar, raise a debate or start a dispute that would require the intervention of courts of law to be settled...

by: Mohammad Salah 2010-2-17
Are there any red lines in the relationship between the Egyptian State and the Muslim Brotherhood group? Reality shows that the Islamist group is not proscribed from staging demonstrations, participating in protests or running in the elections, or in what ensues in contacting the public, organizing marches and printing and distributing advertisements and hanging posters...

by: Mohammad Salah 2010-1-27
The last day of the current month is the legal deadline for Egyptian citizens to register in voters’ lists, and the Interior Ministry will announce the numbers of those who have made sure to register their names, knowing that the country is headed towards three months of midterm elections to renew the Shura Council, followed about six months later by competition over the seats of the People’s Council...

by: Mohammad Salah 2010-1-8
In a few hours of now, the Muslim Brotherhood will announce the name of its new guide,..

by: Mohammad Salah 2008-9-15
Regardless of the verdict which will be issued by the Egyptian Criminal Court in the case of the murder of Lebanese singer Suzanne Tamim, in which former police officer Muhsen Al-Sukkari is charged with executing the murder, and businessman Hisham ..

by: Mohammad Salah 2008-9-1
It is no longer novel news to hear that a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, an activist, a leader, or even a historical figure has been forbidden from leaving the country by an administrative decision, and without a judicial ruling. Nearly not a month goes by without seeing the Brotherhood’s media apparatus moving in every direction, distributing such information to the media at large. Whether the person in question is a college student or professor, a legal activist or prominent union..

by: Mohammad Salah 2008-8-24
Fire was devouring the historical building of Egypt’s Shura Council when a parliamentary official appeared on television, behind the lights and in front of the cameras, standing between the firemen, to announce that "the fire is under control." The building continued to burn for hours after this, until the fire spread to its three floors, leaving the building without floors, rooms or halls...

by: Mohammad Salah 2008-5-6
Why did Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood refrain from participating in the April 6th strike but made a contrary decision by participating in today’s strike? They claim that things were not clear with respect to the first strike and that their followers do not participate in protests whose organizers are anonymous, and just as they could not hold their people responsible for the mistakes of others, they also did not wish to climb on the backs of other political groups!..