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by: Nadia Hijab 2010-2-19
The battle over Jerusalem’s Mamilla Cemetery -- a Muslim cemetery (Ma’man Allah) estimated to be over 800 years old and in continuous use until 1948 -- encapsulates many aspects of Israel’s approach to Palestinian rights, notes Nadia Hijab...

by: Nadia Hijab 2010-1-7
More people have started to apply the term 'genocide' to what Israel is doing to Gaza. Israel would not directly kill tens of thousands of Palestinians, but it would create the conditions for tens of thousands to die. Any epidemic could finish the job, notes Nadia Hijab...

by: Nadia Hijab 2009-9-26
The United Nations General Assembly convenes this week and a high-level parade of actual and aspiring dictators arrives in New York City. This is a good time for people of conscience to reflect on how to deal with dictators, notes Nadia Hijab...

by: Nadia Hijab 2009-6-12
Of all the analysis generated by the Obama-Netanyahu meeting Robert Satloff’s is the most significant. Satloff is executive director of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, which serves as AIPAC’s think tank. His piece, circulated Thursday, provides insights into what the lobby -- and Israel -- might do next. And it should ring alarm bells...

by: Nadia Hijab 2009-5-5
On May 4, protesters will greet Motorola shareholders, already disgruntled by the company’s losses, as they arrive for their annual meeting at the Rosemont Theater in Chicago, Illinois...