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by: Nathan Brown 2010-3-16
An odd article ran a week ago in al-Shuruq, one of Egypt's daily newspapers. Headlined simply "Who is Running Egypt in Mubarak's Absence?!" the article examined the constitutional situation in light of President Husni Mubarak's hospitalization in Germany...

by: Nathan Brown 2009-6-4
Barack Obama is the first United States president since Jimmy Carter to take office determined to make Arab–Israeli peacemaking a critical piece of his foreign policy agenda. His administration is compensating for an extremely unpromising diplomatic environment by resolute use of tools its two predecessors either abjured (firmness in opposing Israeli settlement activity) or used haphazardly at best (an integrated regional policy)...

by: Nathan Brown 2009-3-8
Negotiations over a two-state solution to resolve the Israeli–Palestinian conflict have reached a dead end. International efforts should focus on a short-term cease-fire between Israel and Hamas that can pave the way for a sustainable armistice, concludes a new policy brief by Nathan J. Brown..

by: Nathan Brown 2008-5-24
After I stole his best line this morning, my suitemate Nathan Brown volunteered this comment on the performance of the Salafi movement in the Kuwaiti elections, which he spent last week observing: Do the Salafis Really Want to Party? ..

by: Nathan Brown 2008-5-14
Despite recent electoral reform, Kuwait’s parliamentary election on May 17 will produce little change and continue to foster a parliament more adept at blocking the ruling family than initiating positive change, argues Middle East expert Nathan Brown..