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by: PIC 2006-4-4

 A Palestinian child was killed and two others were wounded with Israeli occupation (IOF) bullets in the early hours of Tuesday during an IOF storming operation to the Palestinian refugee camp of Kalandia, north of Ramallah city.

Scores of IOF armored vehicles and troops burst into the camp amidst intensive machinegun fire that generated panic among children and women. They (I..

by: PIC 2006-4-8

In an interview with Palestinian Information Centre, Member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, Huda Naeem said that by winning the elections Hamas was harvesting what it has cultivated since its launch...

by: PIC 2006-6-10

 At least ten Palestinian people, including 3 children and 2 women were killed and 40 other were wounded Friday afternoon in four separate attacks by Israeli occupation forces on various parts of the Gaza Strip according to Palestinian sources.

Israeli artillery shells struck a group of civilians during a family picnic at a Gaza beach, killing nine people, including three children..

by: PIC 2006-6-10

Israeli hospitals have threatened to stop treating a four-year-old Palestinian girl, who was seriously wounded in an IOF raid on the Gaza Strip in which her mother, sister and grandmother were killed, at the pretext of lack of funds to pay the treatment fees.

Family members beseeched legal institutions to immediately intervene to prevent the return of Maria Aman and her uncle Nahed Aman..

by: PIC 2006-7-24

The well-known Israeli writer Uri Avnery has charged that the Israeli premier Ehud Olmert is indeed dreaming if he thinks he would achieve victory in Lebanon in his current war on that Arab country.

Avnery who heads the Israeli Peace Now Bloc made a comparison between the current Israeli war on Lebanon and the 1982 Israeli all-out-war launched against that country, adding that both wars..

by: PIC 2006-7-24

A recent report issued by PA national data center has clarified that the number of Palestinians killed since the Intifada erupted in late September 2000 until June 2006 amounted to 4,464 including 289 women and 826 children while 47,440 others were injured.

According to the report, 9,800 Palestinian detainees still languish in more than 30 Israeli prisons, including 450 children, 125 wo..

by: PIC 2006-7-28

They sought a brief escape from the claustrophobic atmosphere in downtown Gaza where a depressive combination of crowdedness, poverty and mounting insecurity is tormenting the mental health of everyone, children and adults alike. They headed for Sudaniya beach, thinking they could have some fun on a Friday afternoon, the Muslim day of rest. Instead of sunshine and sea waves, they met an Israeli..

by: PIC 2006-8-2

An Israeli officer refused to join the military service in Lebanon’s second war and was sentenced to 28 days in prison to register the first such case in the ongoing war on Lebanon.

During the trial the officer said that the war contradicts the ethics and values according to which he was raised.

The officer’s girlfriend stated that he had called the army officials and notified t..

by: PIC 2006-8-2

Tayseer Nasrallah, the DFLP politburo member, has said that Israeli premier Ehud Olmert should stand trail before the international court of justice in The Hague as a "war criminal".

Nasrallah said that Olmert should be tried over the Qana massacre in which more than 60 civilians mostly children and women were slaughtered in Israeli savage bombing.

He charged that the bloodbath,..

by: PIC 2007-2-19

Israeli archeologist Meir Ben Doff has revealed that the Israeli occupation authority discovered a mosque at the Magharba gate three years ago and removed it without announcing the discovery.

He told Hebrew daily Yedioth Ahronoth published on Sunday that Muslims would be angered on hearing of the news especially when they had affirmed more than once that a mosque did exist in that area...