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Arab Opinion: Bush Bad, Obama Good
by: Scott MacLeod 2009-5-31
Professor Shibley Telhami’s annual survey of Arab public opinion is out this week. It shows me that Barack Obama, who is due here in Cairo on June 4 to give an address to the Islamic world, has the chance to significantly reverse negative Arab attitudes toward the U.S. His mere election has already produced some welcome changes for the better. ..

Go Egypt!
by: Scott MacLeod 2008-1-23
With superstar forward Mido injured and captain Ahmed Hassan suspended, it didn’t look so good for Egypt’s opening African Nations Cup match tonight in Ghana. But within 20 minutes, Hosni Abd Rabou and Mohamed Zidan put the defending champions nicely ahead of Cameroon by two. The amazing Zidan scored another goal at the end of the half, and Abd Rabou found the net again in the second, giving Egypt a convincing 4-2 victory. The boys at my gym in Cairo were letting off roaring cheers wit..

Bush Disappoints Bahrain
by: Scott MacLeod 2008-1-14

While President Bush was in Bahrain praising King Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa as a democratic Arab leader and fellow freedom defender, I was receiving an e-mail from Ghada Jamsheer, a Bahraini woman who is one of the most courageous human rights activists in the Arab world...

The Big Question in Egypt: How’s Your Health?
by: Scott MacLeod 2007-9-17
President Mubarak’s health is said to be fine these days, but we can’t say the same for press freedom in Egypt. On Thursday,..

Are Islamists Heading to Power?
by: Scott MacLeod 2007-8-22
The struggle for Egypt’s future is heating up again, with Sunday’s arrests of Essam Erian, political coordinator for the Muslim Brotherhood, and several other top Brotherhood operatives...