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by: SCOTT MACLEOD, TIME 2006-5-14

The Bush Administration provides moral support, but brave Arab democrats battling authoritarian regimes are the real heroes

Hisham Bastawisi is no revolutionary. An Egyptian appeals-court judge, his conservative leanings are evident in his dark suits, round spectacles and polished shoes. During most of his years on the Court of Cassation, he avoided rocking the boat. Yet by leve..

by: Scott MacLeod, Time 2007-1-16

Now that President Bush has admitted serious setbacks in Iraq, Condi Rice’s mission to the Middle East includes some begging for help from America’s Arab allies, especially Mubarak of Egypt and Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. This is the same Rice who was in Cairo delivering her landmark lecture on Arab democracy and America’s determination to promote it. On a visit to Egypt last October, the frictio..

by: Scott MacLeod, Time 2007-5-21

Is Dick Cheney coming back for more? The Vice President has just completed a week-long tour of the Middle East that eerily retraced the visits he made to Arab capitals in March 2002 to drum up support for an American-led invasion over Iraq’s alleged pursuit of nuclear weapons.

A look back at that earlier trip suggests that Cheney not only ignored the advice that he was given by Arab al..

by: Scott MacLeod, Time 2007-7-4

Since Hamas seized control of Gaza by force of arms last month, there has been a growing debate over how to deal with Islamic fundamentalist groups, not only in the Palestinian territories, but throughout the Arab world. With Arab Islamist groups making electoral gains, and now effectively running a statelet in Gaza, should other interested parties accommodate them or seek to neutralize or dest..