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by: Saeed Abbady, Ikhwanweb 2006-8-21

The Sharia Committee affiliated to the  Egyptian Lawyers’ Union on Saturday August 19,2006, organized a rally under the slogan ( Day for Aqsa ). The rally was attended by MB Chairman Mohamed Mahdi Akef, Former Prime Minister Dr. Aziz Sedqi, who is also the general coordinator of the National Front for Change, Islamic History Professor Dr. Gamal Abdul Hadi, Secretary General MB Parliamentar..

by: Saeed Abbady, Ikhwanweb 2006-8-23

In a statement to Ikhwanweb, Jordanian MB Chairman Salem el Flahat lashed out at Russia for its decision to place the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood on the list of terrorist groups. Flahat attributed this step on the part of Russia as evidence that the entire world has been influenced by the Israeli propaganda which sells the idea that any group standing up to the Israeli enemy wil..

by: Saeed Abbady, Ikhwanweb 2006-8-26

MB Parliamentary Bloc members Assayed Askar and Ali Laban tabled two questions to both ministers of Interior and Health, as well as PA Speaker Dr. Ahmed Fatehi Sorour, questioning the wisdom of detaining Ustaz Lasheen Abu Shanab, who is also an MB Executive Bureau member and a former MP, at a time when he is over eighty years of age and his health is deteriorating due to his suffering from Hemi..

by: Saeed Abbady, Ikhwanweb 2006-8-27

The MB Parliamentary Bloc, headed by Dr. Saad el Katatni, released a statement on Saturday August 26, 2006, regarding yesterday’s arrests which extended to MB leaders topped by the group Secretary General Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat and Executive Bureau member Mr. Lashin Abu Shanab.

The Bloc in its statement strongly criticized the government for leaving the corrupts and thieves tamper with..

by: saeed Abbady, Ikhwanweb 2006-8-28

The anti- terrorism bill which was approved by majority of the Jordanian Parliament on Sunday August 27, 2006, raised controversy among civil society organizations. In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, Secretary General of the Islamic Action Front Zaki Bin Arsheed said that the recently enacted anti- terrorism law paves the way for further extension of state control, thus sowing the seeds of..

by: Saeed Abbady, Ikhwanweb 2006-9-4
 Mohsen Radi, the MB’s parliamentary bloc member has submitted a request to the Prime Minister and Interior Minister asking for retrieving MB’s properties, and reopening their headquarters in the middle of Cairo (al-Helmeia al-Jadida – al-Tawifiqiya – al-Ataba), in addition to the money seized during storming into their houses.
The member expressed his resentment concerning what happens du..

by: Saeed Abbady, Ikhwanweb 2006-9-6
The Egyptian police are intensively and secretly investigating 70 members relating to a fundamentalist secret cell, who are accused of joining al- Qa’eda network and planning to travel to Iraq to join the Islamic resistance there.
Security and Islamic sources stated that they were detained in Alexandria between July and August. They justify the police’s suppression of this matter with the ongoi..

by: Saeed Abbady, Ikhwanweb 2006-9-7

In continuation of steps taken by the Muslim Brotherhood to urge the government to put an end to the phenomena of train crash accidents, Dr. Abdul Fattah Hassan, an MB Parliamentary Bloc member, tabled two requests of information to both Prime Minister Dr. Ahmed Nazeef and Minister of Health Dr. Mohammed Awad Tageddin in which he depicted the recurrent train accidents as a sign of deteriorating..

by: Saeed Abbady, Ikhwanweb 2006-9-11

The Sunday Times reported that right wing extremists are staying the same course of the Islamic extremist groups; they broadcast tapes on the internet threatening of beheading the British Muslims.

The newspaper published a picture belonging to a white man with a black mask; the man was completely hidden except for the eyes. Within these films, which were broadcast from 11 up to..

by: Saeed Abbady, Ikhwanweb 2006-9-15

In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, MB First Deputy Chairman Dr. Mohamed Habib on statements made by Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh in which he lashed out at the Yemeni Gathering for Reform (which is the Muslim Brotherhood offshoot in Yemen), accusing the group of sponsoring terrorism and seeking to take the nation back to the dark ages. Dr. Habib said that such criticisms of the Musli..

by: Saeed Abbady, Ikhwanweb 2006-9-17

The statements made by Pope Benedict XVI of Vatican have caused hue and cry throughout the world especially that they came at a  time when killings and bloody wars in the name of combating terrorism are rife. Instead of calling for clam and halt of bloodshed worldwide, the pontiff’s statements were seen as working in favor of policies adopted by President Bush in his heated quest of what h..

by: Saeed Abbady, Ikhwanweb 2006-9-21

At the National Party’s fourth annual Congress which started Tuesday September 19,2006, Gamal Mubarak dropped a bombshell when he spoke of Egypt’s right to have a nuclear energy program, regarding it as one of the most crucial issues which encounters Egypt and its coming generations” It is time that Egypt weighs the nuclear energy as one of the alternatives on its agenda”. Gamal Mubarak ad..

by: saeed Abbady, Ikhwanweb 2006-10-13

The court has, so far, received 1050 challenges which could lead to the annulling of membership of a large number of MPs, most of them belonging to the ruling party, if vote riggings or other irregularities are established by the court.

 A good example of this are the rulings issued by the court revoking the membership of National Party MPs for constituencies in Ma’adi , Nasr City,..

by: saeed Abbady, Ikhwanweb 2006-10-18

The police state and the fall of the Egyptian university
every year at this time, Egyptian universities pass a state of uproar and continuous clashes between students and the leaders of universities along with the security interference in the issue of students. Leaderships of universities play only the role of a link between students and security who governs the Egyptian universities because..

by: Saeed Abbady, Ikhwanweb 2006-10-21

Head of Syrian Muslim Brotherhood Shura Council :
The elections took place with full transparency, and participation of Syrian MB members inside and abroad

Recently, internal elections were held within Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood group, including electing a new Shura Council for the group and a new leader; the elections resulted in keeping Dr. Monir Al Ghadban as a head of the Shura Council for a second termperiod; also, Mr. Ali Sadreddin al-Bayanouni remained as General-Supervisor of Syrian Muslim Brotherhood .
Dr. Monir Al Ghadban is one of the most important Syrian Muslim Brotherhood leaders who is well-known in the Arab world, as he wrote many books and studies that covered the Islamic movement and the Prophet’s biography...

by: Saeed Abbady, Ikhwanweb 2006-10-28

In continuation of the mounting showdown between the Judges’ Club and the government, Minister of Justice Mamdouh Maree issued a decree allowing the setting up of offices in courts to be in charge of judges’ affairs, a step seen by judges as a substitute for the Judges’ Club and its subsidiary offices nationwide, which poses a threat to the role played by the Club in facilitating all judges’ so..

by: Saeed Abbady, Ikhwanweb 2006-11-9

In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, Director of the American Center for Islamic Research Dr. Salah Sultan said in his comments on the midterm election results that American Muslims believe that the democrated victory will work in favor of Muslims inside and outside of the US.

 To make clear of his assertions, Dr. Sultan said that the serious changes introduced by the Repub..

by: saeed Abbady, Ikhwanweb 2007-1-12
The Palestinian arena is witnessing an increasing negative escalation between Hamas and Fatah Movements claiming a number of martyrs and injured persons; therefore, Ikhwanweb had this interview with the spokesman of Hamas movement, Dr. Ismail Radwan:

Ikhwanweb: How you evaluate the security situation in the arena in the wake of the last security agreement? and what is the actual reality of the Egyptian role?

Radwan: The current tensions in the Palestinian arena haven’t emerged only nowadays or only during the era of the current government; they are one of the pressure cards against the government, including the pressure card of the salaries, forming a unity government, and it reached its peak after the failed assassination on Prime Minister, Ismail Haniya, in Rafah Crossing and the repeated aggressions against leadership headquarters, ministries and the Legislative Assembly, to be capped with the latest clashes between the security services themselves, leading to the intervention of several authorities including the Egyptian security delegation that had previously played an important role in making the Palestinian close ranks...