Second Anniversary of Egypt’s Reform Leaders Behind Bars

Second Anniversary of Egypt’s Reform Leaders Behind Bars

December 14 of this year is the second anniversary of arresting 40 Muslim Brotherhood leaders of the Egyptian national reform movement.

They were arrested in December 14, 2006 and referred to a military tribunal that has been rejected by all Egyptian human rights and international organizations.

Over approximately 70 sessions, the Military Court issued its unconstitutional and illegal jail sentences against 18 Egyptian national reformists, including Khairat El-Shater (businessman, Second Deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood), in addition to closing their companies and confiscating their money and properties.

Discontent is still prevailed in the Egyptian street where all human rights organizations, political parties and men of law reject these violations especially with the continued imprisonment of MB leaders.

These violations and trials against the Muslim Brotherhood indicated the failure of the regime to face a peaceful political group by political and legal means.

The military tribunals against MB leaders are considered the most long-term of their kind since the first use of military courts against civilians, depriving them of their natural right to appear before a civil court which acquitted MB leaders several times after the great progress achieved by the Muslim Brotherhood, as they won 20% of the seats in the Egyptian parliament despite large-sclae vote rigging and fraud.