Second Miles of Smiles convoy getting prepared to travel to Gaza

Second Miles of Smiles convoy getting prepared to travel to Gaza

AMMAN,   The organizers of Miles of Smiles convoys said they would send another batch of humanitarian aid to the besieged Gaza Strip during the next few days after obtaining the official consent of the Egyptian authorities.

Partners for peace and development for Palestinians (PPDP), the main organizer of Miles of Smiles activities, said it started to receive donations to fund the new convoy that would be composed of different medical equipment and educational aid for students with special needs.

It added that the convoy would arrive in Egypt between 25 to 27 of this month and stay there for two days before heading to Gaza.

This convoy is the second of its kind, where the organizers already sent similar humanitarian aid to Gaza in November 2009.

Meanwhile, head of the Jordanian unions council Ahmed Al-Armouti stated Monday that the aid convoy named Ansar would leave Amman on Tuesday for Gaza.

Armouti told a news conference that 150 volunteers including 16 women would participate in the convoy bringing with them 25 vehicles loaded with medical supplies and building materials.

He affirmed that the convoy would be transported aboard a big ship from Aqaba port to the Egyptian port of Nuweibaa, pointing out that the board did not receive any reply to its request to meet with the Egyptian ambassador in Jordan to discuss with him the passage of the convoy into Gaza.