Security Apparatus Assaults, Kidnaps Fayyoum University Students

Security Apparatus Assaults, Kidnaps Fayyoum University Students

In a new transgression against MB students in Fayyoum University, more than 150 bullies under the protection of Education faculty guards assaulted education MB students Wednesday, April 9, kidnapping three and injuring more than ten.


Yesterday morning, MB students were preparing for an honors ceremony for senior students when all of a sudden they found themselves surrounded by bullies who started beating and chasing after them all the way until they reached the Engineering faculty and started beating them again.


Next, the students escaped to the Tourism faculty then to the center of the campus as the bullies continued to chase after and beat them under University Guard instructions injuring dozens of them and confiscating four headphones, a microphone, and other ceremony supplies.


The State Security apparatus and University Guards shared in the chasing and besieging of MB students kidnapping Ali Abdel-Haseeb, a student in the faculty of Education, after collapsing from the beating, Khaled Ahmed from the faculty of Education whose face was bleeding and teeth were knocked out, and Amr Ibrahim, student (not an MB affiliate) in the Engineering faculty, while attempting to break up the fight.


The chasing and beating between bullies and students, without the intervention of University Guards, injured dozens of students.  Four of the injured were taken to the Fayyoum Public Hospital, three of whom suffered fractures in the feet and hands, and the fourth suffering fractures in his spinal cord.


Another student was injured in his brain from being hit on the head by one of the bullies.  Four other injured students were taken to the University Hospital.


In El-Minya University, Dr. Ahmed Mahmud El-Gazaar, Dean of the Arts Faculty, transferred eight MB students from the faculty to disciplinary sessions without disclosing any reasons provided that the sessions be held on April 13, 2009.


The transferred students are:  Mahmud Salah Ahmed, El-Husseini Mohamed Khairy, Momen Mohamed Abdel-Salam, Medhat Abdel-Naser Salem, Ahmed Khalafullah Fathy, Esam Gamal Kamel, Saeed Salah Mohamed, and Ahmed Abdullah Zaky.


El-Gazaar further transferred another group of students to investigations.  The number of them and the reason for their transferral remain unknown until now.


MB students had organized two weeks ago a big sales exhibition under the title: “Gaza Triumphed” as they also took part in the April 6 strike by holding an on-campus protest in which hundreds of students participated.