Security Blockage in el-Daqhlia, Kafr el-Sheikh, Dametta

Security Blockage in el-Daqhlia, Kafr el-Sheikh, Dametta
Hours before the run-offs, security forces has deployed in the governorates in which polls take place.
In el-Daqhlia province, policemen besieged all villages in which the Muslim Brotherhood’s 11 nominees enjoy sweeping support. In Talkha constituency, for example, Meet Anter, Besat and Shernaqish villages are sealed off.
In Dakrans constituency, the representative of the Brotherhood’s candidate was dismissed from the polling center. In el-Matria City, a number of citizens were put under arrest. Police, in addition, used tear bombs.
In Kafr el-Sheikh, security forces laid an iron-fist siege on villages of heavyweight for the Brotherhood. In Bandar Matobas village, the access to polling stations is completely denied. In Abiana village, numerous truckloads of riot police are deployed. The ruling National Democratic Party’s candidates hire thugs to intimidate voters.
In Dametta, 135 of Brothers are detained on the polling day. Some villages are completely barred. El-Lozy polling center is closed while al-Jazzera channel covers the voting process there.  Streets leading to the polls are enclosed off. In Farqous, only the NDP’s supporters are granted access to the polling centers. In el-Horany poll, representatives are prevented from entering the polls.