• MB News
  • July 11, 2008
  • 4 minutes read

Security Blocks License for Agents of MB Candidates

Security Blocks License for Agents of MB Candidates

Security authorities have denied MB candidates in Alexandria the right to issue licenses for their electoral agents in the parliamentary complementary elections, Ikhwanweb reporter said Friday.


Mahmoud Awad (MB candidate at Al-Manshya’s constituent) emphasized that he as well as the other MB candidate Saad El-Sayed, failed to issue any authorizations for their agents who are supposed to attend the elections and the counting of votes on behalf of the candidates.


He indicated that officials at the registration department told them they had received superior orders not to issue any authorizations of the MB candidates.


As a result, the MB candidates had to file a legal action before Alex’s administrative court to enable them issue authorizations.


Though having only two days left before the elections and paying the necessary fees, the MB candidates received no voter lists or electoral committees numbers or locations.


Security bodies adopt the policy of harassments and arrests of the advocates to restrict the MB candidates. There is intensive security watching campaign pursuing MB advocates. Alex’s security chief watches the MB electoral tours himself accompanied by dozens of policemen and officers. The MB candidates were banned from campaigning in certain streets.